News | Contents of various editions of Hogwarts Legacy leaked

The content of several editions of the upcoming Harry Potter game Hogwarts Legacy has appeared online.

A Reddit user found hidden files on the game’s website, indicating that the game will likely come in a Standard Edition, a Deluxe Edition, and a Collector’s Edition.

The standard edition logically only contains the game. The Deluxe Edition also includes a Thestral Mount, the Dark Arts Cosmetic Pack, the Dark Arts Battle Arena, the Dark Arts Garrisson Hat, the Kelpie Robe and 72 hours early access to the game. The Collector’s Edition includes all of the above as well as a Steel Case and a Floating Ancient Magic Wand with Book. The latter may be a physical object instead of the aforementioned digital extras.

The above special editions have not yet been officially announced.

Hogwarts Legacy is set to release around the holidays this year on PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X and S, and Xbox One. In Hogwarts Legacy, players control a fifth-year Hogwarts student. They explore the school and the world around it, learn spells, brew magic potions and fly on a broomstick. The game is set around 1800, so characters from the books and movies are few and far between, except for some cameos.

News | Beta features of Planet Zoo highlighted in new trailer

Frontier revealed a new trailer for the beta that will start soon. This beta is only available for players who have pre-ordered the Planet Zoo Deluxe Edition.

The beta runs from September 24 to October 8, players can, among other things, get started with the career mode in which they solve the everyday problems in a zoo and take on challenges. They can also venture into the franchise mode, where they can fully decide how they want to run the zoo.