News | Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons Expansion Coming February 2022

The new expansion for Guild Wars 2, called End of Dragons, will be released in February 2022.

Developer ArenaNet announced this via a livestream yesterday. The third expansion for the mmo was postponed earlier this year to sometime early next year. The expansion should have been released sometime this fall. According to director John Taylor, the postponement had everything to do with the real world challenges related to the coronavirus and the way work is being done.

End of Dragons is set in the lost land of Cantha, “a multi-ethnic land of magic that inhabits the oldest group of humans in all of Tyria”. This area was featured in Guild Wars Factions, but is not accessible in Guild Wars 2 so far. The expansion adds the game’s first multiplayer mount, the Siege Turtle. Two players can ride on this. Also the possibility to fish is added.

Earlier this year, it was also announced that former Guild Wars 2 director Colin Johanson was returning to ArenaNet. Johanson left the developer in 2016 to work at Amazon on Crucible, the game that was taken offline shortly after launch.