News | Asus seems to be working on cable-concealing hardware

After Gigabyte and MSI, Asus also seems to have plans for cable-concealing hardware, under the guise of 'DIY-Ape Revolution'.

Earlier this year, it was mainly Gigabyte that scored highly with the launch of Project Stealth. The interplay between a unique motherboard, accompanying video card and computer case makes it possible to hide otherwise rather ostentatious cables completely out of sight.

Asus now seems to have a similar plan, albeit apparently as a larger ecosystem of cable-closing components, starting with a few motherboards from its own stable. An almost twenty-minute long Chinese promotional video for what Asus seems to call the ‘DIY-Ape Revolution’ for the time being was published on BiliBili.

Asus would in any case include the H610, B660, B760 and B650 chipsets in the ‘revolution’ of cable-concealing motherboards. On the new components, virtually all connectors (including power, fan headers, and SATA connectors) are milled on the back of the motherboard — out of sight and often slightly easier to access. Apparently the new motherboards come in white or black, with fairly minimalist heat spreaders.

To keep the rear ports accessible, compatible cabinets must leave unique cutouts. The video shows that Lian Li is already offering a suitable cabinet; Asus is also said to have entered into collaborations with Cooler Master, Phanteks and Cougar, among others.

For now, Asus’ DIY-Ape Revolution seems like a project to try out slowly, probably starting in China. Presumably, the components are not yet made available in large numbers (or worldwide), while Asus and its partners are measuring enthusiasm for the cable-closing hardware.