News | Australia expansion on the way to Planet Zoo

Frontier Developments has revealed via a YouTube video that the next expansion of Planet Zoo is all about Australia.

The expansion will include new animals. Think of kangaroos, dingoes, koalas, cassowaries and blue-tongued skink. In addition to new animals, new scenarios are added to the game. Players will also be given more than 200 new construction options, toys and native plants.

Even players who do not purchase the expansion will receive a number of new possibilities after the 1.3 update. Thus, new color combinations, food labs, scenarios, and sanbox maps appear.

News | Proceeds Modern Warfare DLC are donated to forest fires Australia

Infinity Ward has announced that all proceeds from the Outback expansion will be donated to the Australian fire relief fund to fight the serious Australian forest fires.

The name of the expansion package is also being changed, from now on the dlc is called The Outback Relief Pack. Infinity Ward has indicated that this applies to all revenues from the dlc, including packages that have already been sold.

In addition, this applies to the revenues on all platforms. The proceeds are not only used to fight forest fires, but also to support victims and help them get back on their feet.
Infinity Ward is not the only developer that contributes to the crisis in Australia. Bungie, Blizzard and Respawn have also indicated that they are making a contribution by starting such campaigns.

The Outback Relief promotion of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare runs until January 31.