News | Control mode returns to Apex Legends

Tomorrow  Spellbound will start, a new event in Apex Legends that brings back the temporary Control mode.

Respawn Entertainment has announced this. In 9v9 mode, players must capture control points. There is a limit on the number of respawns. The mode can be played in specific locations of different maps, such as Barometer in the Storm Point map and Hammond Labs in the Olympus maps.

During the event, which runs until January 24, 24 cosmetic items can also be unlocked, including Legendary skins for Mirage, Seer, Vantage, and Maggie. When you unlock all of these in time, you automatically receive Seer’s new Heirloom, the Showstoppers.

Apex Legends is free to play on PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X and S, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. The mobile version of Apex Legends is separate from the regular version. Incidentally, it was recently announced that season 3 of the mobile version will run longer and that season 4 won’t start until Valentine’s Day.

News | Eleventh Season of Apex Legends Launches November 2

EA and Respawn have revealed the first details surrounding the 11th season of Apex Legends, which kicks off on November 2.

The eleventh season is called Escape and features the new playable hero Ash. That was an antagonist in Titanfall 2 and she also appeared in the Arenas mode of Apex Legends. Also, the C.A.R. Added SMG as a new weapon.

Many more details about the eleventh season are not yet available, but they should follow soon. It has been rumored for some time that Season 11 will feature a new map set in a tropical island, but this has not yet been confirmed.

News | Apex Legends patch to fix lag issues

Apex Legends has been plagued with unstable servers and lag since September 14. Respawn Entertainment has now released a patch that partially resolves the issues.

“We’ve released a patch that meaningfully addresses issues with teleporting, packet loss, and lag. We also found an issue with animated banner poses that caused crashes. We recommend that you don’t use these poses for now. A patch will be released on Wednesday that fixes this and other issues.”

Respawn said it will continue to work on solutions to the issues currently plaguing the game – with next Wednesday’s patch, most of those should be resolved.

News | Cross progression isn't coming to Apex Legends until next year

Cross progression isn't coming to Apex Legends until sometime next year.

Ryan K. Rigney of Apex Legends confirmed this in a question session on Reddit. Someone asked when to expect the promised cross-progression, which is why Rigney replied: “Next year. Cross-progression is a tough problem to solve. You not only have the technical challenge of merging existing accounts, but also the legal and contractual aspects of purchasing on other platforms to navigate. Different regions have different laws. It’s a mess. But we’re working on it and want to start delivering it.”

Cross-progress basically means that players can take their unlocked items and level progression to Apex Legends on another system. Respawn previously promised to add cross-progression, but as can be seen from the answer above, that still has some feet in the ground.

In the AMA, Respawn also admits that Seer, the new character in the game that launched last week with the new season of Emergence, may be a little too strong. The developer also indicated that a future patch should balance this slightly better.

News | Apex Legends Season 10 Battle Pass Content

In a new video, Respawn shows the contents of the battle pass for the tenth season of Apex Legends, which starts today.

The new season is called Emergance and includes the new character Seer. The character was created in collaboration with illustrator, animator and director Robert Valley who is known for his work on Tron: Uprising and Love, Death & Robots. This character has a heart rate sensor, with which he can detect opponents and also uses micro drones to aid him.

The World’s Edge map will also be modified in Emergence. A new weapon in the form of the Rampage LMG is also added. Also, Ranked Arenas are coming to the game as part of a new competitive 3v3 mode. Next Monday, Respawn should reveal more details about the season.

Apex Legends is available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X and S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Origin and Steam.

News | Apex Legends will receive a lot of Titanfall content in Season 9

Apex Legends will receive a lot of content based on Titanfall in the ninth season.

That’s what senior writer Ashley Reed reported during a recent panel. “Season 9 will see a lot of Titanfall content appearing in the game in a variety of ways.” Director Chad Grenier also reported something similar during this panel: “I have said it before: if you are a Titanfall fan, then especially wait for season 9.”

Respawn, however, said it has no plans to actually implement controllable Titans from the Titanfall franchise in Apex Legends. A recent leak did show Titans that can be summoned by players, but are not directly controllable.

Both games share the same fictional universe and Apex Legends has taken over more elements from Titanfall, including characters. While Apex Legends was still in development, Respawn Entertainment already tried to add Titans to the game, but it didn’t seem to benefit gameplay.

News | Cross-play is coming to Apex Legends next week

Cross-play will be available in Apex Legends starting October 6.

From then on, players can play against each other on consoles and PC. Console players will be grouped together , PC players will continue to be placed in separate matches as they usually play with mouse and keyboard.

However, when console gamers are in a party with a PC gamer, you can play against PC gamers. Cross progression isn’t in the game from next week.

From October 6 also launches the new Collection Event, called Aftermarket. This adds new content to the game, including a limited mode called Flashpoint.

Apex Legends is available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

News | Nominations BAFTA Game Awards announced

The nominations for the BAFTA Game Awards were announced on Tuesday on the award show's website.

The most striking nominations ais the Untitled Goose Game, which recently won Game of The Year at the DICE Awards. And is now again nominated for best game of the year. The game is also nominated for the best family game of the year.

Best Game

Control– Remedy Entertainment, 505 Games

Outer Wilds– Annapurna Interactive, Mobius Digital

Luigi’s Mansion 3– Nintendo, Next Level Games

Untitled Goose Game– House House, Panic

Disco Elysium– ZA/UM

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – Activision, From Software

Best artistic achievement

Concrete Genie – Pixelopus

Control – Remedy Entertainment, 505 Games

Sayonara Wild Hearts – Simogo,Annapurna

Knights and Bikes – Double Fine Productions, Foam Sword Games, Foam Sword

Disco Elysium – ZA/UM

British Game Award

Knights and Bikes– Double Fine Productions, Foam Sword

Heaven’s Vault– Inkle

Planet Zoo– Frontier Developments

DiRT Rally Day One Edition 2.0- Codemasters

Observation– Devolver Digital, No Code

Total War: Three Kingdoms– Sega, Creative Assembly

Best debut

Manifold Garden – William Chyr Studio

Ape Out – Devolver Digital, Bennett Foddy, Gabe Cuzzillo, …

Knights and Bikes – Double Fine Productions, Foam Sword Games, Foam Sword

Katana Zero – Devolver Digital, Askiisoft

Disco Elysium – ZA/UM

Best new IP

Control – Remedy Entertainment, 505 Games

The Outer Worlds – Obsidian Entertainment, Private Division

Untitled Goose Game – House House, Panic

Disco Elysium – ZA/UM

Death Stranding – Kojima Productions, Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe

Baba is you – Hempuli Oy

Best multiplayergame

Luigi’s Mansion 3 – Nintendo, Next Level Games

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – Infinity Ward, Activision

Borderlands 3 – Gearbox Software, 2K Games

Apex Legends – Respawn Entertainment, EA

Tick Tock: A Tale for Two – Other Tales Interactive

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2-Massive Entertainment, Ubisoft

Best evolving game

Fortnite – Epic Games

No Man’s Sky Beyond – Hello Games

Apex Legends – Chad Grenier, Drew McCoy

Path of Exile – Grinding Gear Games

Destiny 2 – Bungie

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers – Square Enix

‘Game Beyond Entertainment’

Neo Cab – Chance Agency, Fellow Traveller

Life is Strange 2 – Square Enix, Dontnod Entertainment

Ring Fit Adventure – Nintendo

Civilization VI: Gathering Storm – 2K Games, Firaxis Games

Kind Words (lo fi chill beats to write to) – Popcannibal, Clark Aboud, Ziba Scott

Death Stranding – Kojima Productions, Sony Interactive Entertainment

Best family game

Concrete Genie – Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe, Pixelopus

Wattam – Annapurna Interactive, Funomena

Luigi’s Mansion 3 – Nintendo, Next Level Games

Knights and Bikes – Double Fine Productions, Moo Yu, Foam Sword, …

Untitled Goose Game – House House, Panic

Vacation Simulator – Owlchemy Labs

Best mobile-game (Chosen by the  public)

Tangle Tower – SFB Games

What the Golf? – Triband

Dead Man’s Phone: Interactive Crime Drama – Electric Noir Studios

Pokémon GO – Niantic

Call of Duty: Mobile – TiMi Studios, Tencent Games

Assemble with Care – ustwogames

Best technical prestation

Control – Remedy Entertainment, 505 Games

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – Activision, Infinity Ward

Metro Exodus – 4A Games, Deep Silver

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – Activision, From Software

Death Stranding – Kojima Productions, Sony Interactive Entertainment

A Plague Tale – Asobo Studio, Focus Home Interactive

News | New Apex Legends hero is Revenant

The new playable hero for Apex Legends is known: it is Revenant.

Respawn Entertainment previously hinted at Forge as a new character, but he was murdered by Revenant during an in-game interview this week. Now that the launch trailer of the game’s fourth season has come out, it is actually confirmed that Revenant is the new hero.

The skeletal robot was once human and the best assassin of the Mercenary Syndicate ever. In the end, Hammond Robotics turned him into “A walking nightmare of steel and meat”. Revenant seeks revenge, and can use his unnatural moves to “chase his enemies.”

The fourth season of Apex Legends starts on February 4. The game is playable on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.