New playable heroes in Overwatch 2 will be completely free from the upcoming tenth season.

Blizzard has announced this. Previously, new heroes could only be unlocked immediately with a paid battle pass, or by completing different tiers of the free battle pass. But from season 10 onwards, all players can immediately start working with new heroes. This also applies retroactively to all previously released Overwatch 2 heroes.

In the tenth season, which starts on April 16, players will also be able to earn Coins through the free and premium battle pass. The amount of Coins that can be unlocked for free each season will increase from 540 to 600. Weekly Challenges will now award Battle Pass XP instead of Coins.

Blizzard is also adding a new way to unlock Mythic skins in the tenth season. These could previously only be unlocked through seasonal battle passes, but older Mythic skins will also be available for purchase through a new Mythic Shop. When this in-game store launches during season ten, the Mythic skins from seasons one through seven will be available.