As of today, the mmorpg World of Warcraft includes a limited-time battle royale mode called Plunderstorm.

Plunderstorm will be added to the popular online RPG with content update 10.2.6 and will last a few weeks. The mode has a pirate theme, with players searching the Arathi Highlands for skills, upgrades and loot to plunder. Each game lasts ten to fifteen minutes and starts with sixty players. The winner is the last one standing.

Players must create a separate character for Plunderstorm, which is unique to that mode. You can play the mode alone, or pair up with another WoW player. You find spells and skills in the world, which are then automatically added to your action bar. In chests you can find even stronger variants of all skills.

Players will be rewarded for their efforts with cosmetic items, pets, titles and mounts. A special reward route is available, including a Plunderlord parrot to string up and Bubbles the pet crab.

No additional expansion is required for Plunderstorm. Players of World of Warcraft Classic can also play the battle royale mode. More information can be found in Blizzard’s blog post. Below you can see the announcement trailer for Plunderstorm.