Sony and Team Ninja have released a launch trailer for the upcoming Rise of the Ronin.

The trailer is called ‘The Aftermath’ and – except for a few small scenes – contains live-action footage instead of gameplay from the game. The trailer can be viewed below. A trailer with gameplay footage was recently released.

Rise of the Ronin is an open world action RPG with a focus on combat set in the late nineteenth century. At the end of the long Edo period, Japan struggles with oppressive leaders and deadly diseases, while a war rages between the Tokugawa Shogunate and the Anti-Shogunate.

Players control a Ronin – a warrior who has no master and is allowed to make his own choices. Katanas and other weapons are used to fight. He can even float through the air with a special device.

The game is being developed by Team Ninja, known for Nioh and Ninja Gaiden, among others. Rise of the Ronin will be released on March 22 for PlayStation 5.