Blizzard has revealed Maura, the upcoming new playable hero for Overwatch 2.

The company did this during Blizzcon, which was held this weekend. The “tank” character carries two machine guns that he calls Gunny and Cha-Cha. He can also use Overrun, a charging move that cannot be stopped and causes a knockback on enemies.

He also has Cardiac Overdrive, which creates an aura around Maura that reduces the damage he and nearby teammates take. His ultimate move is Cage Fight, which creates a kind of bubble in which enemies are trapped. The enemies cannot be healed from the outside and Mauga temporarily has infinite ammo to attack.

This weekend, Mauga will be playable for everyone in Overwatch 2. On December 5, he returns as part of Season 8. People who purchase the premium battle pass will unlock him immediately, and others at tier 45.