During Blizzcon yesterday, The Worldsoul Saga was unveiled, a new narrative for World of Warcraft that will be spread across three new expansions.

Chris Metzen talked more about the onstage expansions, calling it “the culmination of twenty years of storytelling.” This is the tenth, eleventh and twelfth expansion of the popular mmo. The first of these three expansions will be released next year and will be called The War Within.

In The War Within, players will go underground in Azerioth, where Nerubians and an Allied race called the Earthen Dwarves can be found. Players can explore new zones such as Isle of Dorn, Azj-kahet, Hallowfall and The Ringing Deeps and take part in a new treasure hunt called Delves.

Some details are also known about the eleventh and twelfth expansions. Following The War Within is Midnight, set in the ancient world of Azeroth, Quel’thalas, where the Void attempts to destroy the Sunwell to shroud the world in darkness. The twelfth expansion is called The Last Titan, which is set in Northrend, known from Wrath of the Lich King. Players will uncover an intricate plot surrounding the returned Titans.