Patch 3 for Baldur's Gate 3 has just been released. This makes it possible, among other things, to adjust the appearance of characters. Patch 3 also adds Mac support.

Players can now find a magic mirror in the camp that allows them to change their appearance as often as they like. It’s about appearance, voice and pronouns. Origin characters cannot be customized, nor can appearances created through gameplay – for example the loss of an eye.

The patch also adds support for the game on Mac, as well as numerous improvements and other tweaks. All changes can be found in the patch notes. Patch 3 was actually supposed to be released yesterday, but was delayed by a day.

Larian recently announced that it is considering DLC for the game. Larian is also working on the next game, although nothing is known about that yet.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is available now for PlayStation 5 and PC, and will be coming to Xbox Series later this year.