Steamforged Games plans to work on a board game based on PlayStation game Horizon Forbidden West.

A Kickstarter campaign for the board game will go live on November 21 to help fund its development, but Steamforged has already shared some details about the product.

It is clear that the same concept as the board game based on Horizon Zero Dawn is followed. Up to four players work together to take down various robot creatures (depicted with figurines) while keeping the peace between three tribes in the Tenkath area.

The board game must tell a unique story that takes place before the game. This story is being created in collaboration with Guerrilla Games employees responsible for the games’ story. In addition, the figurines from the first board game can also be used in this sequel, and people who do not have that board game can buy an expansion pack.

Steamforged Games is known for making board games based on games. They were also responsible for board games based on Horizon Zero Dawn, Resident Evil and Monster Hunter, and are still working on an Elden RIng board game, which was a huge success on Kickstarter.