The servers of the multiplayerfighter Multiversus are offline since yesterday. It will stay that way until the game comes out in 2024.

Developer Play First Games announced earlier this year that this was about to happen. The open beta of the fighting game was playable on PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X and S, and Xbox One since June last year, but now all online modes and most of the game’s features are unavailable.

People who launch the game now will see a message from the developer thanking players. It is reported that the company is preparing for the full release of the game sometime in early 2024. “We plan to return better than ever with new content, features, modes and more. We will ensure that all progress made and unlocked content is included.”

The game can still be played offline – one can now play local multiplayer or practice in the game’s training room. In addition, all characters and cosmetic items that previously needed to be unlocked are now automatically locked. When the game comes out in 2024, all unlocked content must be the same as how players left the game yesterday.