The environment players roam around in Spider-Man 2 is roughly twice the size of previous games.

That says creative director Bryan Intihar in conversation with the Japanese Famitsu. “We’ve added Queens and Brooklyn this time, so the map is about twice the size of the previous titles.”

“Because those two areas are smaller and more densely populated, they feel very different from Manhattan,” Intihar continues. “We made some unexpected situations that we’ve never done before, like a battle on the river between the two cities, so we hope you guys look forward to it.”

Meanwhile, Intihar told Eurogamer how switching between Peter Parker and Miles Morales will work in the game. In the open world you can freely switch between the two, but in story missions you will be forced to control one of the two.

“When you’re playing the main story, we decide when you switch between Pete and Miles. It serves the purpose of the story,” says Intihar. In the open world it is different. “We have content designed for Peter, we have content designed for Miles, and we have content you can play as both. In the open world, you can switch between them at the touch of a button.”

“The quick switching between both characters in the open world is really, really great,” he continues. “I can just choose who I want to do a certain activity with…it’s great to have that feature.”