Blizzard has released a developer diary for Diablo 4 detailing the endgame content in the game.

Blizzard wants to let players decide for themselves how they progress in the endgame. After completing the story, you will gain access to a Capstone Dungeon. By playing it, you unlock the next world tier. This raises one level, which makes the enemies stronger, but also yields bigger rewards. It is up to people themselves whether they want to do this.

In addition to the normal skill trees, one can also further develop his character with the Paragon system. Here one can apply even more specific customization to the character and determine the direction of endgame upgrades. Related to that is the Codex of Power, where players can power up Aspects earned in dungeons. This makes items found in the game world more powerful in the form of Legendary items.

One can also return to previously completed dungeons and modify them with Sigil. That changes the style and intensity of a dungeon. Nightmare Dungeons are more challenging, have extra quests and contain mods called Affixes. As an example, the Hellgate Affix is given, which opens portals to hell in the dungeon from which monsters from other regions come. The game contains more than one hundred and twenty dungeons, and each dungeon can turn into a Nightmare Dungeon.

There is also plenty to experience in the overarching world of Diablo 4 during the endgame. For example, areas called Helltides appear, in which monsters are more difficult to defeat and new environmental effects occur, for example the falling of meteorites. Through a location called the Tree of Whispers, one can hunt various monsters for bounties. This can be performed alone or with other players.

Diablo 4 is out on June 6 on PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X and S, and Xbox One. An Xbox Series bundle will also be available. A beta was recently held.