Crystal Dynamics has released the latest content update for Marvel's Avengers.

The update makes “almost all” cosmetic items free. It involves outfits, emotes, takedowns, and name tags. All items unlocked through the campaign or purchased through the Cosmetic Vendor still need to be unlocked in the same way.

In addition, all premium currency of players is converted into in-game materials. All Hero’s Catalysts and Fragment Extractors have been removed. Instead, there is permanent 1.5x multiplayer on earned Fragments and XP.

Finally, those who unlock at least one Trophy of Achievement in-game before April 1 will receive a special Iron Man Variable Threat Response Battle Suit outfit. Most of the other changes revolve around bug fixes, according to the patch notes.

Earlier, the developer already announced that this latest update is due, because support for the game will officially end on September 30. After that, the game can still be played via single player and multiplayer, but problems that occur in the game may not be solved anymore.