Sony has unveiled Project Leonardo, a PlayStation 5 controller focused on providing more accessibility options.

The company did this during the CES fair that is currently being held in Las Vegas. There is no release date for the controller yet. “More information, such as when we release the product, we will share in the future,” said an article on PlayStation Blog.

Project Leonardo is basically a flat circle that can be laid down, to which players can even add buttons. One can use one or combine two, or one Leonardo with a traditional DualSense controller. In this way, it should be easier for gamers with a physical disability to play PS5 games.

Not only Sony is trying to provide more options for players with disabilities. Microsoft has been making the Xbox Adaptive Controller available for some time now. According to Reggie Fils-Aimé, the former director of the American branch of the company, Nintendo also experimented with such a controller a few years ago.