Ubisoft has shown off the first artwork from the upcoming Splinter Cell remake in an in-depth video about the franchise.

The twenty-minute video covers twenty years of franchise history. In addition, four developers who are working on the upcoming remake of the first Splinter Cell are given the opportunity to talk about various aspects of the game.

Artwork from the game is also shown throughout the video, which can be seen below along with the video. For example, you can see how Sam Fisher squats above a kind of lobby and an attractive, rainy building is shown. In any case, the artwork exudes the atmosphere of the classic Splinter Cell series.

The complete video also covers past Splinter Cell games, for example, how Pandora Tomorrow was a part of Xbox Live’s success, but there is occasional talk of the remake as well. For example, Ubisoft’s Snowdrop Engine would help a lot to pull the game into modern times. In addition, the developers emphasize that it will not be a “simple remake”, but that the game will be made from scratch. In addition, the remake should “serve as a good foundation for the future of the franchise”.

Ubisoft announced last December that it is working on a remake of the 2002 stealth game Splinter Cell. The Splinter Cell series revolves around a black ops agent named Sam Fisher. He must stop terrorists and other villains in the Splinter Cell games. The last game in the series, Splinter Cell: Blacklist, was released in 2013. There is no release date for the remake yet, but the developers emphasize in the video that the game is still in early production. “We don’t want to rush anything, but make sure we’re doing everything right and delivering an incredible experience.”