More than fifty upcoming games will be reviewed during The Game Awards.

This has been announced by organizer and presenter Geoff Keighley to the Video Games website. “It is always a challenge because you work with more than fifty games. Then something always leaks out. But yes, we have quite a good past and we usually know how to hold some surprises.”

It is not yet known how many world premieres there are among the more than fifty games. “I don’t have an exact number, but it will be consistent with previous years. We have some already announced games showing completely new visuals and a lot of new games being revealed.”

The Game Awards will air on December 8. Like every year, awards are handed out to published games and a lot of upcoming games are shown. The nominations should be revealed later today.

It was also recently announced that The Game Awards is partnering with Discord this year. As a result, an official Discord server of The Game Awards will become available, where people can watch the show live together and vote on nominations. A ‘Best Community Support Award’ will also be handed out in collaboration with Discord.