Developer Blizzard Entertainment made the unveiling with a trailer. The new hero will go by the name of Ramattra and will be the newest playable tank in Overwatch 2.

The short video shows how Ramattra, the leader of the Null Sector, wants to take revenge on humanity. According to the resistance hero, his people have been oppressed for too long and it is time for a change. The new hero has a good relationship with the existing hero Zenyetta, and according to Gavin Jurgens-Fyhrie, the game’s lead writer, fans will have a lot to learn about the history of both heroes after launch.

Ramattra has two different forms, the Nemesis and Omnic forms. When the tank is in the latter form, it is mainly strong at a distance. While his Omnic form allows players to storm the enemy teams head-on. For example, with one of his special abilities, he can smash through shields and barriers and deal a lot of damage to groups. How the hero’s exact attacks work is still unknown.