Achievement / Trophy guide

– Estimated achievement difficulty:  3/10
– Offline: 36 (1trophy, 4trophy, 9trophy, 22trophy)
– Online: 0
– Approximate amount of time to 1000 / Platinum: 20-25 Hours
– Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2 (one on Narrative difficulty, one New Game+ to max out remaining Skills)
– Missable achievements  : 3 Sneaky trophy, Fighter trophy, Malignant trophy– maxing out all Skills (Prudence / Aggressive / Opportunism) is semi-missable. The Skills are increased by playing a certain way and doing certain actions in enemy encounters (be stealthy / kill enemies in combat / use alchemy for chain reactions). The Skill Progress carries over into 2nd playthrough New Game+ but there is no 3rd playthrough New Game++. So if you finish New Game+ but didn’t max out a Skill you would have to replay parts of the game via Chapter Select (it resets your progress to what you had at the start of the Chapter and you must replay everything from there). This is explained in Roadmap Step 2, no need to worry about Skills on the 1st Playthrough, they will all increase a bit automatically without trying, then in 2nd playthrough you adjust your playstyle until you finished one skill, then readjust your playstyle to max out the next skill.
– Does difficulty affect achievements: No, can do everything on Narrative difficulty (Easy)
– Unobtainable/glitched achievements : No
– Level Select after Story?: Yes, there is Chapter Select after the story. Everything can be replayed via Chapter Select. Everything carries over into New Game+ (Collectibles, Skills, Upgrades, anything related to trophies). You can get all Collectibles via Chapter Select, none of them are missable.
– Extra equipment needed: No

Step 1: Play through Story on Narrative (Easy) Difficulty, Get All Collectibles

For the first step simply complete the Story while getting all Collectibles: 21 Souvenirs, 12 Hugo’s Herbaria (called 5 Flowers and 7 Feathers in trophy list), 10 Secret Chests, 24 Tool Chests for the upgrade-related trophies, 16 Old Protector’s Items. It’s highly advised to play on Narrative difficulty (Easy) because it spawns more Knives, needed to open the 10 ‘Secret Chest’ Collectibles. At higher difficulties you may find yourself locked out of some Collectibles due to not having enough Knives. New Game+ also spawns fewer Knives which is why it’s better to do Collectibles on the first playthrough.

Here is a great guide for obtaining all collectibles in your first run.

Important things to keep in mind:

  • [IMPORTANT] DON’T use Knives against enemies! Knives are one-use only and instantly break if used to kill an enemy. This would leave you unable to open the 10 Secret Chest Collectibles, they require 1 Knife each. Sometimes you automatically use a Knife to defend from a killing blow, if this happens restart checkpoint/section immediately. If unsure, check the :r1: Item Wheel (bottom right corner) whether you still have a Knife or not. Try to always keep 1 Knife for the next Secret Chest Collectible! The Knives are included in the Collectible Guide & Walkthrough. If you reach a Secret Chest but don’t have a Knife, you must use Chapter Select to replay everything from the last Knife location onward.

Anything you miss can be gotten via Chapter Select. Keep in mind that Chapter Select only tracks Souvenirs and Hugo’s Herbarium (called “Flowers” and “Feathers” in the trophies but “Herbarium” in-game). The following are NOT tracked in Chapter Select: Secret Chests, Knives, and Tools.

General Note about Progression Bugs: Sometimes there can be game-breaking progression bugs such as not being able to interact with a mandatory story item. If the game seems bugged, you can double-check in the Walkthrough how it’s supposed to work. If it is indeed a bug, replaying the Sub-Chapter via Chapter Select almost always fixes it. You don’t need to replay the entire Chapter, only the Sub-Chapter.

Step 2: New Game+ Playthrough to finish All Skills, focusing primarily on “Opportunism” Skill from the Start

The only trophies you will have left after the 1st playthrough are for maxing out Skills. It’s impossible to max out all 3 skills in one playthrough. That’s why a second playthrough in New Game+ is necessary.

To start New Game+ go to Title Screen > press :circle: to see Saves > press :triangle: on completed story save to start New Game+. It won’t overwrite your old save. It creates a new save slot, you can still go back to your old save to use Chapter Select if needed.


Earn all “A Plague Tale: Requiem” trophies

Earn all other trophies in A Plague Tale: Requiem to unlock Platinum (DLC items not required).

Under a New Sun

Complete chapter 1

Automatic story-related trophy, cannot be missed.


Complete chapter 2

Automatic story-related trophy, cannot be missed.

A Burden of Blood

Complete chapter 3

Automatic story-related trophy, cannot be missed.

Protector’s Duty

Complete chapter 4

Automatic story-related trophy, cannot be missed.

In our Wake

Complete chapter 5

Automatic story-related trophy, cannot be missed.

Leaving all Behind

Complete chapter 6

Automatic story-related trophy, cannot be missed.


Complete chapter 7

Automatic story-related trophy, cannot be missed.

A Sea of Promises

Complete chapter 8

Automatic story-related trophy, cannot be missed.

Tales and Revelations

Complete chapter 9

Automatic story-related trophy, cannot be missed.


Complete chapter 10

Automatic story-related trophy, cannot be missed.

The Cradle of Centuries

Complete chapter 11

Automatic story-related trophy, cannot be missed.

The Life We Deserve

Complete chapter 12

Complete chapter 12

Nothing Left

Complete chapter 13

Automatic story-related trophy, cannot be missed.

Healing our Wounds

Complete chapter 14

Automatic story-related trophy, cannot be missed.

Dying Sun

Complete chapter 15

Automatic story-related trophy, cannot be missed.

King Hugo

Complete chapter 16

Automatic story-related trophy, cannot be missed.


Complete all chapters

Automatic story-related trophy, cannot be missed.


Find all flowers

Find all flowers found during the story


Find all feathers

Find all feathers found during the story


Open all the secret chests

Open all the secret chests found during the story. You need a knife to open these chests so try and save up a knife so you can use it on the chest when needed, try to avoid taking enemies out with these knives.

Immortal memories

Recall all souvenirs

Recall all souvenirs

Not a toy anymore

Fully upgrade the sling

See trophy Pocket laboratory.

Improved crossbow

Fully upgrade the crossbow

See trophy Pocket laboratory.

Handful of pockets

Fully upgrade the gear

See trophy Pocket laboratory.

Effective instruments

Fully upgrade the instruments

See trophy Pocket laboratory.

Pocket laboratory

Fully upgrade the alchemy

There are 5 pieces of equipment you can upgrade: Sling, Crossbow, Gear, Instruments, Alchemy. It costs 6 Tools and 175 Pieces to fully upgrade. Each equipment piece costs the same amount to fully upgrade. You can upgrade these at workbenches, or via the ‘Upgrade Menu’ if you bought the 2nd Instruments skill that lets you craft upgrades without a workbench.


In a single playthrough you can fully upgrade 4 pieces of equipment if you search thoroughly, meaning you will likely only have 1 left to upgrade. Because you need to do a 2nd playthrough in New Game+ to max out all Skills anyway, you can easily combine it with remaining equipment upgrades.

Alternatively, an easy trick to get all upgrade trophies is to save up a total of 6 Tools and 175 Pieces. Fully upgrade one thing to pop the trophy, then immediately close the game. Boot it up again and you will have your Tools and Upgrade Pieces back, now repeat for the next equipment. This way you can pop all 5 upgrade trophies in a row and then don’t have to worry about collecting any more pieces.


  1. 1 Tool + 20 Pieces
  2. 2 Tools + 65 Pieces
  3. 3 Tools + 90 Pieces

Crossbow (unlocked during Chapter 5):

  1. 1 Tool + 40 Pieces
  2. 2 Tools + 55 Pieces
  3. 3 Tools + 80 Pieces


  1. 1 Tool + 30 Pieces
  2. 2 Tools + 60 Pieces
  3. 3 Tools + 85 Pieces


  1. 1 Tool + 30 Pieces
  2. 2 Tools + 55 Pieces
  3. 3 Tools + 90 Pieces


  1. 1 Tool + 30 Pieces
  2. 2 Tools + 65 Pieces
  3. 3 Tools + 80 Pieces

Night guard

Extinguish 40 fires

In Chapter 3 you automatically learn how to craft “Extinguis”. After this you can craft it via the :r1: item wheel. It lets you extinguish flames with your sling and with thrown pots. As “fires” it counts any fire source that keeps rats away, including torches carried by enemies, lanterns, braziers (bonfires), and others. It also counts when you use checkpoint restart and repeatedly extinguish the same fires until the trophy pops.

You will likely get this through natural gameplay without even trying. But if you don’t have it after the story, a good place to farm it quickly via Chapter Select is Chapter 3: Sub-Chapter “At the edge of the city”, Objective: “Reach the herbalist’s forest”. There are many braziers and also guards carrying torches. Craft “Extinguis” and throw it at the guards and the braziers. When you run out of ammo, let the rats kill you and repeat until the trophy unlocks. You can even light up the same fire again with Ignifer and then use Extinguis on it, rinse and repeat.


Craft 100 ammunitions

For this you must craft 100 ammunitions of any type (Ignifer, Extinguis, Tar, Odoris). You unlock the different ammo types gradually throughout the story. It also unlocks if you use checkpoint restart. This is guaranteed to come on your way to platinum because you will need 2 playthroughs and have to craft quite a lot to advance for story purposes.

Ammo is crafted in the item wheel :r1: > select the type of ammo :right: > hold :x: to craft it (requires resources from chests).


Fully improve the Prudence skills

See trophy Malignant.


Fully improve the Aggressive skills

See trophy Malignant.


Fully improve the Opportunism skills

There are 3 passive “Skills” in the game: Prudence, Aggressive, Opportunism. You can check the progress in the “Skills Menu”, unlocked during Chapter 2.


It’s impossible to max out all 3 skills in one playthrough because there are not enough enemy encounters in a single playthrough. That’s why a second playthrough in New Game+ is necessary.

To start New Game+ go to Title Screen > press :circle: to see Saves > press :triangle: on completed story save to start New Game+. It won’t overwrite your old save. It creates a new save slot, you can still go back to your old save to use Chapter Select if needed.

Check your Skill progress as soon as the “Skills Menu” becomes available during Chapter 2 (after 1st enemy encounter that has an archer). Finish the remaining skills throughout New Game+. They always increase after enemy encounters. If you want to compare your progress before & after each encounter you can take a screenshot of the Skills Menu. If the skill you need didn’t increase, replay the last encounter via chapter select and continue from there. The skill progress is entirely based on how many enemies you kill during an encounter. Killing none or very few gives Prudence, killing all gives Aggressive, killing only half gives Opportunism.

  • Prudence = Kill 0-30% of enemies during an encounter by any means (any weapon / type of kill is allowed). It’s best to stay in stealth, complete a section without being seen and without killing anyone. Then you will always get Prudence skill after the encounter.
  • Aggressive = Kill 71-100% of enemies during an encounter by any means (any weapon / type of kill is allowed). It’s best to get spotted intentionally, then kill all enemies in an encounter. For enemies with helmets, try to lure them into tall grass and shoot Ignifer at the grass to make them burn, or use chain reactions in the environment to burn them. Later you can also use the crossbow to kill them. The last crossbow upgrade for unbreakable bolts is very useful, allows you to pick up the bolts again from enemies you killed.
  • Opportunism = Kill 31-60% of enemies during an encounter by any means (any weapon / type of kill is allowed). It does not matter if you are in stealth or open combat, you are allowed to get spotted. It’s best to count the exact number of enemies per encounter, then kill exactly half of them and you will earn Opportunism after the encounter. Only the number of kills matters, not how you kill the enemies.

Some players might need a nearly full playthrough to max out the remaining skills, others might only need to replay half the game. If you are still missing a Skill after this playthrough, you must use Chapter Select to replay from a point with many enemy encounters. It resets your progress to what it was at the start of the Chapter, meaning you can’t “farm” Skills by replaying the same Chapter repeatedly. You’d have to replay everything from that point on and then get the skill maxed out by the end of the game. It gives progress to only one Skill depending on how many enemies you killed in the encounter. Unfortunately, there isn’t a New Game++ to carry over your progress into a third playthrough. If you are already too late into the game it may become impossible to complete a remaining Skill, then it’s better to start replaying from Chapter 3 onward, this time focusing exclusively on the 1 missing Skill.

Perfect shot

Shoot all the pine cones

Chapter 1: Under a New Sun / Sub-Chapter: A Long Journey

In Chapter 1, after you finish playing hide and seek with the two boys, you will go to the river with Hugo. There he will throw pine cones in the water and you must shoot them all with your sling. The very first pine cone can’t be shot, you only pull out your sling after it sinks. But after that one you must shoot all the rest. Stand behind the tree branch on the left side of the river, the one Hugo mentioned marks the border of his “kingdom”. From there look upriver, hold :l2: for 1-2 seconds to aim and :r2: to shoot.

The trophy unlocks after the cutscene where the other boy throws a big stone in the river that splahes Hugo. If you failed, you can quit out to the Main Menu and replay the first subchapter. Unfortunately, choosing “Restart section” via the pause menu won’t work because it makes an autosave immediately after the pine cone minigame.

Perfect throw

Successfully complete all throws in the Crowns game

Chapter 8: A Sea of Promises / Sub-Chapter: Celebration of the brighter days

Shortly after leaving the ship at the start of the chapter you will come to a market square. Go to the exit of the market (normal story path, can only go one way), then at the first opportunity go down the first staircase on the left (instead of heading straight). There you find a little market stall with a vendor offering a pot throwing minigame, that’s the “Crowns game” required for the trophy. You must throw all 4 pots through the hanging “crowns” AND hit the colored tarp behind each. From left to right: 1) Yellow > 2) Purple with Green > 3) Orange > 4) Brown. If you hit the wall behind the crowns, but not the colored tarp, it may not unlock the trophy correctly. After finishing the minigame you also earn a Souvenir.

Old Protector

Interact with all the old protector’s items in the sanctuary

Chapter 9: Tales and Revelations / Sub-Chapter: Phoenix

The Sub-Chapter ‘Phoenix’ of Chapter 9 consists entirely of visiting the Sanctuary and interacting with the Old Protector’s Items. It’s the only thing you do in this Sub-Chapter and mandatory for story purposes. However, for story purposes it’s not mandatory to interact with every single one of the Old Protector’s Items. Most are optional.

For this trophy you must interact with all 16 Old Protector’s Items. You will go through a series of rooms, they are listed below with the interactables in each one:

Room 1:
1. Tent (right corner)
2. Small People Dolls (left corner)
3. Bed (left side)
4. Little Horse (center)
Room 2:
5. Toy Chest (right side)
6. Armor (across from entrance)
7. Weapons Rack (right corner)
8. Wax Tablets (right corner)
(Nothing Here)
Room 3:
9. Black Powder at Alchemical Machine (right side)
10. Dark Flask (right corner)
11. More Flasks (right corner)
12. Small Flask (left side)
13. Cooking Station (left corner)
14. Lab Table in Middle (after Hugo walks to it)
Upstairs (interact with everything BEFORE talking to Sophia):
15. Scrolls on Shelf (left corner)
16. See-through Floor to look at Room below (center) –> trophy unlocks after this

If for some reason it doesn’t unlock or you couldn’t interact with an item you can repeat it via Chapter Select.


Don’t kill the guard on the docks

Chapter 4: Protector’s Duty / Sub-Chapter: Obligatory cooperation

In Chapter 4, you will come to the docks where you must cooperate with a soldier to advance. There’s a wheel on the left you can spin, a lot of rats in the area below with a green pit, and a drawbridge on the right side. To get the trophy you have to lower the last drawbridge for the soldier at the end, then when he talks to you shoot him with Ignifer to burn his clothes and also sling Tar at him to make the fire burn brighter which gets rid of the rats so you can escape the area. This will stun the soldier but doesn’t kill him. Just don’t use Extinguis which would result in the rats killing the soldier.

The entire section is one long puzzle, here’s a complete Step-by-Step guide from the start of the Sub-Chapter to the end:

  1. At the start of the Sub-Chapter, When standing at the interactable wheel on the left, you must shoot the drawbridge on the right with your sling, hit the metal chain above it to make the drawbridge fall down.
  2. A soldier comes walking out the building. He will talk to you briefly, then he goes across the drawbridge and uses the wheel on the other side to lift the boat in the middle. Then a moving platform will come to you, with another wheel and a big barrel on it.
  3. Turn the wheel on the platform to funnel tar from the barrel to the pit below. Then shoot it with Ignifer slingshot to light up the tar below.
  4. Stay on the platform and command Lucas to turn the wheel on the left by looking at it and pressing :l1: + :triangle: / :lb: + :y: , this will lead you to the next section ahead (Lucas stays behind for now).
  5. There you can get off the platform and onto the balcony on the left. Command Lucas to let go of the wheel by looking at him and using the same button prompt as before.
  6. Step on the movable platform again, turn the wheel to make tar come out, light it up with Ignifer (if Lucas didn’t let go of the wheel the tar may not splash into the pit correctly).
  7. Command Lucas to turn the wheel again. This time you also interact with the wheel on the balcony, thus lifting up the 2nd boat blocking the path.
  8. Once the movable platform has passed under the boat, let go off the wheel and command Lucas to also let go off his wheel. Step on the movable platform again, turn the wheel to make tar come out, light it on fire with Ignifer slighshot.
  9. Go back to the start of the balcony, stand at the edge closest to where you came from. Because all 3 tar pits are lit, Lucas wants to come over to you, but the rats are still blocking his path. You must craft Tar and use the slightshot to shoot it into the first fire pit. This will make the fire burn brighter to get rid of the rats, then Lucas can move across.
  10. Interact with the wheel on the balcony again to lift the boat for Lucas so he can cross over.
  11. Go down the stairs to reunite with Lucas at the end of the path.
  12. The soldier will be standing on the balcony above. Shoot the metal chain on the drawbridge to his left so he can cross over.
  13. The soldier will go downstairs and stand in front of you. Here the important part for the Mercy trophy starts! While the soldier is standing still and talks to you (before he starts to hunt you), shoot the soldier with Ignifer slightshot. This will make his clothes burn but doesn’t kill him. Now also shoot him with Tar slingshot which will make the fire brighter and gets rid of the rats. Quickly run behind the soldier and to the left where a torch is. Go up the stairs on the left and open the metal door. The Mercy trophy unlocks as soon as you interact with the door. If you fail you can restart the section or let the rats kill you to retry as often as you need. Just don’t use Extinguis which would result in the rats killing the soldier.