There may be a fifth secret tier in the PlayStation Stars loyalty program.

Dataminers have found a ‘Diamond’ tier in the PlayStation mobile app, which includes illustrations and a description of it. This level would be available by invitation only.

“In an endless sea of stars, it seems like there’s no place left to hide. But you wouldn’t be here if you avoided those kinds of challenges. Welcome to Level 5,” the description reads.

Officially, only four levels of PlayStation Stars are known, which can be reached by meeting as many conditions as possible. It is not known what exactly one can do with the fifth level and when one receives an invitation for it.

Launching in Europe on October 13, PlayStation Stars will allow players to unlock rewards by completing a variety of games and participating in activities similar to Xbox Rewards. Points unlocked can be exchanged in an online store for a variety of extras. ‘Digital Collectibles’ can also be unlocked.

Earlier it appeared that people who reach the fourth level – by unlocking 128 difficult-to-unlock Trophies and buying at least four games from the PlayStation Store – get priority in the chat of Sony’s customer service.