Take-Two Interactive started removing the leaked footage of a pre-alpha version of Grand Theft Auto 6 last night.

Several images have already been taken offline, with it being reported that this happened “due to a copyright strike by Take-Two”. This seems as good as confirmed that the images indeed come from an early version of GTA 6. The forum topic on the GTAForums has also been removed. Journalist Jason Schreier says that he has heard from sources that the images are real.

Yesterday, a forum user named teapotuberhacker posted online nearly a hundred videos of an early version of Grand Theft Auto 6 that he allegedly obtained through a hack. He also claimed to have the source code of the game in the works. As proof, he shared part of the code.

Rockstar has not yet officially commented on the situation at the time of writing, but is expected to do so today. The hacker in question indicates that he wants to sell the source code of Grand Theft Auto 5, which he also owns, for an amount of at least five digits. He wouldn’t sell the source code of GTA 6 “at the moment”, but he does want to contact Take-Two and Rockstar to make a deal.