It appears that some 90 videos of Grand Theft Auto 6 footage have been leaked.

A user called teapotuberhacker has posted nearly a hundred videos on GTAForums, which he claims show images of Grand Theft Auto 6. The same user claims responsibility for the recent Uber hack.

The files contain images from various test phases of the game – a so-called alpha version. Possibly the most interesting of the bunch, the video below shows two characters, Jason and Lucia – in line with previously leaked information, a man and a woman – robbing an American diner.

The video shows a number of new mechanics, such as a bar that counts down to the arrival of the police and different action options when you point a gun at someone.

In other images, we see a character with a pistol in hand and a rifle on his back, suggesting that Grand Theft Auto 6 will have the same inventory system as Red Dead Redemption 2, with players having to choose which weapons to take with them.

We also see someone who receives a message from the WhatsApp parody WhatUp! and the character Lucia explores a strip club. There is a very good chance that the videos will be quickly taken offline by the publisher