Sony gave more details about the PlayStation Stars loyalty program during the State of Play yesterday.

PlayStation Stars was announced last summer. Through the program, players can unlock rewards by completing a variety of games and participating in activities similar to Xbox Rewards. Points unlocked can be exchanged in an online store for credits in the PlayStation Store or ‘Digital Collectibles’.

A number of those digital figurines were shown during the State of Play livestream. Punto (from Ape Escape 2), Polygon Man (from the marketing for the first PlayStation) and a PlayStation 3 and PocketStation were shown. According to Sony, these Digital Collectibles will differ in terms of scarcity. Players can display the collected items in a digital display case and show them to PSN friends.

According to the company, most points and Digital Collectibles can be unlocked by participating in so-called ‘campaigns’. For example, there will be a campaign called ‘Hit Play/1994’, in which people who start the right game based on musical hints will unlock a Digital Collectible.

PlayStation Stars should be rolled out in Asia sometime this month and will be available in the West at a later date.