Kinetic Games has updated the content roadmap for Phasmophobia.

With the new roadmap, the developer wants to provide a more accurate picture of what it has achieved and what is still ahead. “We want to be transparent and realistic in our plans and make sure we don’t delay or force mini-updates to fill gaps,” the developer wrote.

The first update coming this month will add adjustable difficulty. The upcoming progression update has been split into parts and largely postponed to 2023. That will be one of the biggest revisions the game has had to date. Various systems, models and animations are completely overhauled or completely recreated. “Hopefully splitting it into several small updates will allow you to experience new things gradually, rather than having to wait six months for one major update.”

After the progress update, the team will move on to other parts of Phasmophobia that need work. All ghost models will be replaced and there will be a lot of new effects, events and interactions. View the full roadmap below.