Achievement / Trophy guide

– Estimated achievement difficulty:  2/10
– Offline: 29 (1trophy, 7trophy, 7trophy, 14trophy)
– Online: 0
– Approximate amount of time to Platinum: 15-25Hours
– Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
– Missable achievements  : No, all trophies are available through chapter select
– Does difficulty affect achievements: No, can play on any difficulty, everything is obtainable on the easiest setting “Very Light” 
– Unobtainable/glitched achievements : No
– Free-Roam / Level Select after Story?: Yes, after the story there is Chapter Select, Encounter Select (to replay specific enemy encounters), and New Game Plus
– Extra equipment needed: No

It can’t be for nothing

Collect all trophies

Earn all other trophies in The Last of Us Part 1 to unlock Platinum.

No Matter What

Complete Part 1

Complete The Last of Us on any difficulty. There are also a wide array of accessibility options you can utilise to make this easier if need be, particularly under the Combat Accessibility and Navigation and Traversal sections.

Don’t Go

Complete Left Behind

Complete Left Behind on any difficulty. There are also a wide array of accessibility options you can utilise to make this easier if need be, particularly under the Combat Accessibility and Navigation and Traversal sections.

Look for the Light

Find all Firefly pendants

There are 30 Firefly Pendants in the main game, which are traditional collectibles to be picked up throughout the chapters. Some will need to be shot down from objects before they can be collected.

Follow this link for a detailed guide to all of the pendants.

Endure and Survive

Collect all comics

There are 13 Comics in the main game, which are traditional collectibles to be picked up.


Find all notes and artifacts

There are 97 Artefacts to be collected across the main game and Left Behind, which are traditional collectibles to be picked up, or automatically acquired through story progression.

Getting to Know You

Engage in all optional conversations

There are 54 Optional Conversation to engage in across the main game and Left Behind. These are triggered by interacting with certain objects, or talking to people when standing in certain locations.

That’s all I got

Survive all of Ellie’s jokes

There are 6 sets of Jokes that Ellie will tell across the main game and Left Behind. These typically require some form of set up and waiting around to trigger. The trophy tracker for this will show 3 instead of 6, and will only update on the last 3 Jokes. In Chapter Select, these will be listed as Optional Conversations rather than Jokes.

Something to Fight For

Find all training manuals

There are 12 Training Manuals in the main game, which are traditional collectibles to be picked up. These will give upgrades to your gear, such as stronger melee weapons or stronger healing.

Combat Ready

Fully upgrade a weapon

Weapons can be upgraded at Workbenches throughout the game, and can be done so by collecting pieces of scrap littered throughout the game. As you only need to fully upgrade one weapon, this should come pretty naturally, as long as you don’t spread your upgrades across all weapons too thinly or actively ignore collecting scrap. Many of the shiv doors you open will have 25-50 scrap within them, so you shouldn’t need to hunt much down.

The cheapest weapon to fully upgrade is the Revolver, which only costs 155 scrap parts to fully upgrade. Do note you will need Workbench Tools to upgrade weapons to higher level tiers.

Master of Unlocking

Break into every locked door using shivs

There are 13 Shiv Doors in the main game, which are doors that can be opened by using a shiv on them. This will break the shiv, but give you access to a room filled with supplies, and occasionally collectibles. Always make sure to keep some shivs on you, as if you waste all your shivs on stealth kills, you may not be able to open some doors.

Prepared For the Worst

Find all workbenches

There are 11 Workbenches in the main game, where you will be able to upgrade your weapons. These are typically in your main path, occasionally in side rooms. You don’t need to upgrade any weapons for these to count, simply interacting with them is sufficient.

Sticky Fingers

Open All Safes

There are 4 Safes in the main game, and these can be opened by inputting the correct combination code, typically found on an artefact in the area. These will contain various supplies, and occasionally other collectibles. Make sure to grab the items within each safe to make sure they register.

Sharpest Tool in the Shed

Find all workbench tools

There are 5 Workbench Tools in the main game, and these will allow you to upgrade your weapons at Workbenches to higher levels. Unlike all other collectible types, these are not tracked in Chapter Select. They can be picked up like normal collectibles, and appear in red toolboxes.

Build Em Up, Break Em Down

Upgrade and then break one of every melee weapon

Throughout the game you will find various melee weapons. Starting from Bill’s Town, you will be able to upgrade melee weapons using Binding and Blades to give them instant kill attacks and more durability, with 1-3 extra attacks depending on how many training manuals you have.

You will need to upgrade each melee weapon and then break off the upgrade by killing enemies for it to register. Blunt weapons will appear throughout the whole game but more in early chapters, while sharp weapons will start appearing in later levels.

If you don’t have it after finishing the story, an easy way is to use Encounter Select to quickly farm it. See the encounters listed below.

  • 2×4 – Found throughout whole game, very common (Encounter: Pittsburgh – Hotel Rooms – go through the first window on the left, there are two hunters, one of them has a 2×4 piece of wood. Loot it from him, then go to the hotel rooms on the right to find tape and scissors materials for crafting the upgrade)
  • Baseball Bat – Found throughout whole game, common (Encounter: Pittsburgh – Hotel Rooms – a baseball bat is found upstairs in the hallway on a cabinet, it’s not held by an enemy but instead sits around in this fixed spot. Tape and scissors materials are found downstairs in the hotel rooms on the right from where the encounter starts)
  • Lead Pipe – Found throughout whole game, common (Encounter: Pittsburgh – Hotel Rooms – go through window on right, first enemy in corridor has lead pipe, you also find tape and scissors in a hotel room on the right on the same floor)
  • Machete – First found in The Suburbs, and appears throughout later chapters (Encounter: Tommy’s Dam – Ranch House – guy upstairs has it, there’s also tape and scissors material upstairs)
  • Hatchet – First found in Tommy’s Dam, and appears throughout later chapters (Encounter: Bus Depot – Tunnel – from where you spawn a hatchet is behind you on the left in the corner, turn around and run to the end of the area to pick it up. You already start the encounter with enough crafting materials, perform 1 kill on any of the runners to break the upgraded hatchet)

Fallen Firefly

Find a Firefly pendant

Pickup your first Firefly Pendant to unlock this trophy.

See Look for the Light :gold: for a more detailed guide on where to find them all.

Self Help

Find one training manual

Pickup your first training manual to unlock this trophy.

See Something to Fight For :silver: for a more detailed guide on where to find them all.

Savage Starlight Fan

Find a comic

Pickup your first Comic to unlock this trophy.

See Endure and Survive :gold:for a more detailed guide on where to find them all.

Geared Up

Craft every item

There are six items that you can craft, and they can be crafted by collecting various supplies throughout the world. Each item will require multiple components to craft. You will be able to craft all items from Pittsburgh onwards.

  • Health Kit – Alcohol and Rag
  • Molotov – Alcohol and Rag
  • Shiv – Binding and Blade
  • Melee Upgrade – Binding, Blade and Melee Weapon
  • Bomb – Explosive and Blade
  • Smoke Bomb – Sugar and Explosive

You can also farm this via Checkpoint Restart as to not waste crafting materials. If you still don’t have it after the story, load up a chapter where you have plenty of crafting materials, craft what you need, if you run out of materials restart checkpoint and repeat. You can also do it via Encounter Select, you start some encounters with plenty of materials already, such as “Bus Depot – Tunnel”.

In Memorium

Pick up Frank’s note after it’s discarded

Chapter: Bill’s Town – High School Escape

At the end of Bill’s Town, you will arrive at a house with a vehicle. In the back room is a note you can pick up and give to Bill. He will throw it on the ground, at which point you can grab it. All of these interactions are collectibles.

Lights Out

While in stealth, turn off the spotlight generator in Pittsburgh.

Chapter: Pittsburgh – Escape the City

At the end of Pittsburgh, you will need to get through a hunter checkpoint. Sneak up to the first two guards and stealth kill one, Henry will kill the other. Now all you have to do is sneak behind the barriers, going clockwise while avoiding the searchlight. There will be a hunter roaming near the generator, but you can wait until he is out of range before sneaking up to turn off the generator.

If you get spotted before or while turning off the generator, restart the checkpoint.


Ride the sewer contraption with Henry and Sam

Chapter: The Suburbs – Sewers

Inside the sewers, you will reach a room full of water with a contraption in the middle. You will need to retrieve a wooden pallet to help Ellie across the water, so that she can turn on the generator. Shortly after turning on the generator, the sewer contraption will automatically move across the room with Henry and Sam on board. As soon as you move Ellie across to the generator, quickly swim over to Henry and Sam and get on the contraption before it moves.

If you are too slow and miss your ride, restart the checkpoint.

Left Hanging

Leave Ellie hanging after a job well done

Chapter: Tommy’s Dam – Hydroelectric Dam

Near the beginning of Tommy’s Dam, you will need to raise a dam gate to be able to cross the water. After fetching a wooden pallet and assisting Ellie across, she will raise the gate for you to be able to cross. She will ask for a high five, simply ignore her request and move on.

Who’s A Good Boy?

Pet Buckley the dog

Chapter: Tommy’s Dam – Hydroelectric Dam

During Tommy’s tour of the dam, you will go across the top of the dam into another building. Just before heading inside, Buckley the dog will be chewing a ball. Interact with him to give him the attention you didn’t give Ellie earlier.

Nobody’s Perfect

Played the Jak X game in Left Behind

Chapter: Fun and Games (Left Behind)

Once at Raja’s Arcade, head inside and go to the back left to find a Jak X racing machine. Interact with it and watch the short scene for the trophy. Make sure you do this before interacting with The Turning arcade machine, otherwise the game will advance.

Brick Master

Win the brick throwing contest

Chapter: Mallrats (Left Behind)

After going through the halloween store, Riley will challenge you to a brick throwing contest. You must destroy all seven windows on the red car before Riley destroys all seven windows on the blue car. This is relatively simple, grab bricks in the area and take your time to aim at the closest window. Missing will waste more time than taking a moment to aim. Work around the car counter-clockwise and you should have more than enough time.

If Riley says she is on her last window, reload checkpoint to make sure she doesn’t win. Feel free to make a safety save before this in case you mess up.

Angel Knives

Defeat Black Fang without getting hit

Chapter: Fun and Games (Left Behind)

Once at Raja’s Arcade, interact with The Turning arcade machine on the right to have an imaginary fight with Black Fang. This is essentially a sequence of quick time events, requiring you to input what is on screen. The timing is very lenient for this, so follow the inputs and don’t rush so that you don’t make an incorrect input.

If you take damage at any point, reload your checkpoint. Feel free to make a safety save before this in case you mess up.


Win the water gun fight

Chapter: Fun and Games (Left Behind)

Immediately after Raja’s Arcade, Riley will challenge you to a water gun fight. Initially you will just soak each other, but afterwards it will be a best-of-3 match where Riley hides and whoever hits the other person first will win the round. Make sure to load your water gun while looking for Riley, and remain stealthy while keeping an eye and ear out for Riley. As soon as you see her, blast her.

If you lose a round and think you might lose another round, reload your checkpoint. Feel free to make a safety save before this in case you mess up. After winning 2 rounds you get the trophy. Easiest option is to sneak behind the shelves from where you start, then wait for Riley to come to you, ambush her from the side.

Live Bait

Use bricks or bottles to lure an infected into attacking a human

Chapter: The Enemy of My Enemy (Left Behind)

The second last chapter of Left Behind will have several encounters where both humans and infected are in the same room, allowing for some third party action. This can be done in any encounter after the first one, but it is easiest to do this immediately after going through the ventilation shafts.

You will be on a ledge with several bricks and bottles, with some infected below you and hunters walking into the area. Throw a brick or bottle between the groups and they will fight. A hunter will need to be killed for this to pop, so if the hunters kill them all without getting attacked simply reload checkpoint or attempt it in a later encounter.