Hello Games has unveiled a new update for No Man's Sky called Endurance.

The update is mainly about the cargo ships that were added with one of the first No Man’s Sky updates. With Endurance, these cargo ships are being overhauled. Players can customize much more, including walkways outside the ships, windows to stare into space, and an improved bridge that allows planets to be scanned and analyzed from space. More crew members can also be added.

In addition, the update should adapt asteroids – they now come in many different shapes and can appear in groups of thousands at a time. There are also new black holes and space storms to watch.

The update also adds a new limited-time expedition in the form of Polestar, as well as some Nexus missions that focus on combat.

The update is available now on consoles and PC and is also part of the Switch version that will be released on October 7. The full patch notes can be found here.