Sony has announced the PlayStation Stars loyalty program. Points earned can be used to purchase PlayStation Store credit, among other things

The company did so via PlayStation Blog. With PlayStation Stars, players can unlock rewards by completing a variety of games and participating in activities.

In that sense, PlayStation Stars will be comparable to the existing Xbox Rewards. For example, people can earn points by playing a game at least once a month, by unlocking certain Trophies, by being the first in a region to unlock a Platinum Trophy, and by purchasing games or other products through the PlayStation Store.

Points earned can be redeemed in a dedicated online store. This will unlock credit for the PlayStation Store again. There are also new rewards called Digital Collectibles. It is a kind of digital figurines based on game characters that can be collected, but Sony emphasizes that it is not about NFTs. “They can’t be traded or sold. They don’t use blockchain technology,” Grace Chen, vice president of network advertising, told The Washington Post.

PlayStation Stars should be rolled out in phases by region sometime later this year, although it is not yet clear which regions will participate first.