Thermaltake has unveiled a range of new Toughphower power supplies: ATX 3.0 power supplies up to 1,650 watts and up to two PCIe 5.0 connectors.

The new power supplies were officially unveiled during the Thermaltake Expo livestream, starting with the flagship Toughpower iRGB Plus, in 1,250 watts or 1,650 watts. Both variants are of 80+ Titanium class, consist of 100 percent Japanese capacitors and come with a 140 mm RGB fan.

The most noteworthy thing about the new top power supplies, however, remains the introduction of two 16-pin PCIe 5.0 power connectors (600 watts), according to the ATX 3.0 standard. The new power standard was already implemented by Nvidia’s recently released RTX 3090 Ti GPU, but it still doesn’t often connect directly to the power supply — resulting in awkward 8-pin adapter cables. The Toughpower iRGB Plus models are the first power supplies to make two PCIe 5.0 power connectors compatible.