Achievement / Trophy guide

– Estimated achievement difficulty:  6/10
– Online: 0
– Approximate amount of time to 1000 / Platinum: 10-12 Hours
– Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2 (chapter select is available at the end)
– Missable achievements  : No
– Does difficulty affect achievements: No 
– Unobtainable/glitched achievements : No
– Extra equipment needed: No

All Done

Unlock all trophies.

Once you’ve locked all the other trophies, this well deserved platinum trophy will unlock! Congratulations! You were absolutely purr-fect!

A Little Chatty

Meow 100 times.

In the opening minutes of Stray you’ll be taught how to meow in-game. You can do this whenever and wherever you want. You basically have to hit  100 times for this trophy. You’ll absolutely get this playing the game without an issue.


Jump 500 times.

In order to jump you have to get close to a surface you can jump to and hit the cross.png button. Do this 500 times and you’ll unlock this trophy. You don’t need to spam or grind this, as you’ll probably do 500 in the playthrough, if not you can just grind it after you’ve done everything else.

Productive Day

Sleep for more than one hour.

When you’re in the slums, after the place is taken out of lockdown by the Guardian, to your left and down the stairs, is a robot called Morusque who wants sheet music for his collection. Next to him is somewhere you can sleep. To get this trophy you’ll need to hit triangle.png and sleep next to him. Do this for an hour… a bloody actual hour, not an in-game hour, and you’ll unlock this trophy. You can just leave the game and come back, just make sure your controller doesn’t turn off or your PS5 goes into rest mode and you’re golden.

Boom Chat Kalaka

Dunk the basketball.

Once you enter the slums and meet the guardian who turns off the alarm, head right and you’ll see a basketball. You need to knock that down the slope and into the basket at the bottom of the ramp. Line yourself up with the crack in the pavement and then run at the ball. If you lined yourself up correctly it should go in. If you miss, however, fear not, as once you leave the area to continue the story, you will head back to the Slums and the ball will reset, giving you another attempt at it. If you miss again, Chapter Select is your friend!

No More Lives

Die 9 times.

There are various sections throughout Stray where our little feline friend can die. Die 9 times and this trophy is yours. You can net it fairly early on in the Dead City when you have to run away from the Zurks. Just let a Zurk attach itself to you and don’t hit circle.png and you’ll get a death screen. Click try again and rinse and repeat 9 times. Super simple.

I am Speed

Complete the game in less than 2 hours.

The Stray speedrun isn’t too bad at all. Completing an 8-hour game in 2-hours might seem impossible, but honestly, it’s not at all. Obviously don’t attempt this on the first run-through, as Stray is meant to be an exploration game, one you take your time with and hunt out all the secrets. Plus, on your second run you’ll know all the solutions to every puzzle, you’ll know your way through the factory without being detected. You’ll know everything. And even if you forget, don’t sweat it, there’s plenty of wiggle room. A good run, for instance, you’ll do in 1 hour 30 minutes, meaning there’s 30 minutes of room for failures, moments where you forget and wrong routes, etc.

One of the biggest tips is to always keep on the move. For instance, during Midtown when you have to move a couple of robots back onto the beaten path and they’ll take a while to walk there, use that downtime to set yourself up for other things that you need to do. i.e. using the example above: Earlier in the level when have to find Clementine, speak to Simon in the Residency to initiate the tape side-quest. Then, knock the cameras out on the way up to Clementine. Two birds, one stone. Then, when you have to get the Worker Helmet and Worker Jacket, you can nip in, put the tape in, then go and wake the delivery guy from the bar. While he’s on his way to the bar, go back and get the Worker Jacket, now that the shop worker has moved, and then run back to the hat shop and hopefully the delivery worker is just turning up.

I’d also recommend tapping cross.png as opposed to holding it when going vertically, as sometimes the game will drop you down instead of up when doing this, and that can cost valuable seconds.

Like I said though, it’s easy. You have loads of time, don’t sweat it. And if you do struggle and forget a puzzle solution, fear not, pause it and look it up. We’ll likely have the solution here on the site. Check the bottom of the page for a list of all our guides and walkthroughs.


Bring all the music sheets to Morusque.

When you’re in the slums early on in the game you’ll come across a lovely musician called Morusque. I say musician, our friend can’t play without his music sheets, so then, it’s up to you to find them! There are 8 in all, dotted all over the Slums. Some behind puzzles, some behind collectibles like the energy drinks

Curiosity Killed the Cat

Wear the paper bag.

To the right of Morusque in the slums near the pillar and opposite the vending machine is a paper bag. Interact with it and you’ll put the bag on your head, which reverses your controls for a minute or so. Do this and the trophy is yours.
As an FYI as well, there’s one in Momo’s flat too. Both are super easy to find so do whichever you come across first.


Try to play mahjong with the robots.

When you enter Antvillage, there will be two robots on your left playing mahjong, jump on the table to try and “play” with them and unlock this trophy.

Cat’s best friend

Nuzzle up against 5 robots.

When you get into the slums and B-12 translates the Guardian robot, you’ll be able to start nuzzling against robots throughout the game – by hitting triangle.png on their legs. Here’s a list of 5 you can nuzzle against (nuzzle means to rub up against them) and their locations (this one is across two chapters, so try not to miss them):

The Slums:
1. The guardian who turns off the alarm, you can nuzzle against his leg after the cutscene.
2.  Grandma, who runs the clothing shop near the start of the level, you can nuzzle against her.
3 & 4. If you jump out the back window in the upstairs of the pub, you’ll find 2 robots there to the left near the oil drum fire. You can rub against both of their legs.
5. You can nuzzle against Zbaltazar in Antvillage as well, just go round to him back for the prompt.
(the trophy didn’t pop for me then though, so maybe he doesn’t count)

6. As you come out the subway after AntVillage, on the way to Midtown, Ledoc is on the right (listen for their music) and nuzzle against them.
7. Behind the elevator down (opposite the entrance to Midtown stripe) is Bonobot by a couple of beds.

Télé à chat

Browse through all of the TV channels.

In the slums, on the rooftops, in the back corner near Heptor and the red drinks machine near the Doc’s library, which you’ll go to when collecting the notebooks for Momo you’ll find a couch next to a TV with a remote control on it. Flick through the 8 channels and this trophy is yours.


Collect all badges.

There are 6 badges in all to collect throughout your time in Stray. One you’ll get as part of the story, another you’ll get for a brief platforming section, one you’ll get for opening a safe, while the other 3 you’ll get for collecting stuff, whether it’s flowers, a set of keys or music sheets. Here’s all 6 Stray badges (in chronological order) and where and how you unlock them:

Music Badge:
To get the Music Badge, you’ll need to help Morusque in the Slums and retrieve all 8 Music Sheets for him.
Outsiders Badge:
This is actually a part of the main story, and you’ll get it in the second Slums section, after you’ve fixed the tracker for Seamus.

Plant Badge:
After you get out the Sewers and into Antvillage, just before you leave for Midtown, you’ll come across a robot at the top of the village (Malo) – one who’s looking for 3 different coloured plants. Collect those 3 plants from Antvillage and return them to her for the Plant Badge.

Cat Badge:
As you get into the main street in Midtown, on the right, very early on, you’ll see a shop, which you can climb through the window of. Climb through it and you’ll see a safe in the top right corner, on top of a bookcase. Unlock it and the Cat Badge is inside. Struggling to find the code?

Neco Badge:
The Neco Badge is received for helping the worker in the factory find his keys. This will be part of the Midtown mission where you’re smuggled into the factory to retrieve a battery. In rough terms, the worker is after the first main room (with the two Sentinels), on the right. And the keys are in the section with the two hanging boxes that move dangling from the ceiling (when you get to the water, where the floating oil drums are, head right and you’ll see the keys). Return them to the worker for the Neco Badge.

Police Badge:
And last, but by no means least, there’s the Police Badge, which is the easiest to miss by far as it’s hidden away in a platforming section in the alley next to the clothing shop in Midtown


Scratch in every chapter.

At various points around the city in Stray you’ll be able to scratch certain points of interest by walking over to them and hitting triangle.png – this could be a door, a rug, a wall, a piece of plywood, whatever. To get the Territory trophy, you need to interact and scratch one of these points in every territory.

There are 12 territories in all (although that does include the Slums twice) and some of them can be fairly easy to miss.

Secret Trophies / Achievements

Keep in mind that these may contain spoilers of the games’ story.

Can’t Cat-ch Me

Complete the first Zurk pursuit without being caught.

Yikes! This one is actually pretty tricky and one of the hardest in the game. By far. When you’re in the Dead City, after dropping the paint can through the pane of glass and continuing a littlewhile, a short distance later you’ll be dropped into the game’s first chase sequence with the Zurks. To get through this sequence and get the trophy you’ll have to get through the section without any of them attaching themselves to you (i.e. when it says press circle.png to remove them), which is actually incredibly tricky.

There is a knack to it though and here’s some tips to get you through it:

  • The biggest tip I can give you is to weave like you’ve never weaved before. You’ll want to combine short and long weaves.
  • Also, take a wide berth when it comes to the big packs of them. Still, weaving in and out.
  • And finally, learn the layout of the chase sequence. For instance, when to keep right and when to keep left, and when to weave.

Those are general tips, here’s some course tips:

  • On the first set of stairs up, stay left and then at the top pull right slightly and then proceed to bob and weave.
  • Same with the second set of stairs, but instead, when you get to the top step, pull right more sharply.
  • After the long alley with the coffee shop flashing arrow sign, pull a sharp left towards the bin out of sight and then continue to weave.
  • In the open-ish area after that section, excessive weaving is required here.

And that’s it, after that last bit you’re on the home straight. You will not do this first time, as you’ll need to work out a few corners and what not, but it is doable with some perseverance. And if you get caught, which you absolutely will once or twice, just hit restart checkpoint and try again.


Go through Midtown without being detected by the Sentinels.

The Sneakitty trophy actually sounds a little bit harder than it actually is. What you do need to know from the off though is that this trophy is comprised of 3 different stealth sections:

  1. The factory section
  2. Entering the apartment complex
  3. Leaving the apartment complex

It’s simply a case of learning patterns and dodging the Sentinel drones, which are on set patterns. And each section is only a minute long, so if you do get caught, just reload the last checkpoint, which was at the beginning of the section.

One more thing, in terms of things to note if you’re looking to get as much out of the first run through as possible, you’ll have to take a slight detour in the factory to get the keys and return them to get the Neco Badge.

There’s a video solution below, but if you want a text solution for the factory, here it is:

  • When the first drone goes left, run past it to the right.
  • When the next drone stops focussing on the water and the barrels, climb across them and then jump into the box straight ahead. When the drone goes past, jump out and cross the barrels and go behind the next drone.
  • Speak to the worker. And then hide behind the concrete block ahead. When the next drone focuses right, go left and jump onto the blocks, then the girder and jump to the little island by the door. Pull the lever.
  • Go back to your left now and repeat the process to get to the now open door.
  • Stand in the shadow of the two moving boxes to protect yourself from the Sentinels.
  • COLLECTIBLE, Once you’re past the two Sentinels, using the moving boxes, jump onto the barrels and go right and pick up the key for the worker. Continue through the gap.
  • When in the next area, wait until you see the blue Sentinel detection beam on the left-hand door. When you see it, and it goes away, pull the lever and open the door.
  • Run through the door and hug the left (this is the first room and we’re returning the keys). Head through the door, drop off the key, get the badge, return to the room where you just were.
  • Head round the back of the boxes to the left and avoid the Sentinel straight ahead. We’re heading left.
  • Use the box to get past the last Sentinel.
  • Get into the barrel at the end and roll it through the laser beams.

And that’s it for the factory, the trickiest part of the 3. Of course there’s the puzzle at the end, but there’s no Sentinels to be wary of. If you’re struggling on that puzzle,

As for the apartments, it’s actually super easy and the drones only tend to be stationary or move backwards and forwards, so watch the patterns, use the boxes to jump into and take your time. Simples.


Scratch the vinyl in the club.

This one actually seems far more complex than it actually is. When you get access to the club which is part of the story, so don’t worry if you can’t get in when you get to Midtown , all you need to do here is grab the vinyl on the table on the left when looking at the DJs and put it on the turntables. Once you’ve done that the triangle.png button will no longer be greyed out on the decks and you can scratch the vinyl. Do that and this trophy is yours.


Complete the Sewers without killing any Zurks.

At a certain point in the story you will come across the Doc in the Dead End area/chapter. After doing a few jobs for him he’ll give you the Defluxor, which can nuke those pesky Zurks by using L1. The reason I’m telling you all this is basically to lead up to one big point: when you are in the sewers, don’t use it. Do. Not. Use. It. If you use it in that level and kill a Zurk, you’ll no longer be able to grab this trophy in this run (unless your checkpoint restart is far enough back) – and you’ll know when you’re in the sewers as 1. You’ll get on a raft to go there; and 2. It will say in large letters on the screen “ The Sewers.”

As far as strategies go for this, there are none, really. You can die, multiple times. You can spend hours here. So long as you don’t use the L1 Defluxor you’ll unlock this trophy when you get to the end of the sewers after the big chase scene and the large door shuts.

And don’t be worried about what happens in the cutscene, that will not affect the trophy.

Missed Jump

Fall inside the city.

Story-related, cannot miss.

You’ll get this very early on in the prologue, after you’ve fallen into the sewer system and walked under the newly opened door.

Not Alone

Meet B-12.

Story-related, cannot miss.

Once you’ve solved the puzzle in the Flat level, you’ll come across B-12.  Restore him and this trophy is yours.

Cat Got Your Tongue?

Have B-12 translate a robot.

Story-related, cannot miss.

Once you get into the Slums, you’ll come across a cutscene where a robot hides another load of robots behind a shutter door. Speak to the robot that comes out with the spear and you’ll unlock this trophy.


Reach Midtown.

Story-related, cannot miss.

After making your way through the sewers and all the way to the top of Antvillage and through the subway station, you’ll enter Midtown.


Go to jail.

Story-related, cannot miss.

Another story trophy here, one that will pop at the end of the Midtown portion of the game, after visiting the club.

Eye Opener

Complete the game and open the city.

Story-related. Cannot miss.

This is the final trophy of the story. Escape jail and open the city to roll the credits and finish the game, netting this sweet trophy in the interim! Congrats!

I Remember!

Gather all B-12 memories.

When you meet meet your little robot buddy, B-12, in the Flat level, shortly after you’ll be introduced to a collectible known as B12’s memories. There are 27 in all throughout the game and to get this trophy you’ll be required to get them all. They come in two flavours: the first 5, which are unmissable story-related memories, and the other 22, which are missable optional memories.

A few things before we run you through them though, in case you want to search alone without the use of a guide: 1. If you press up on the d-pad and tab to the memories it will show you the ones available in that area (they won’t be fuzzied out); and 2. Each of those actually contains a clue. Some of them are helpful, some are less so.