A new update to Horizon Forbidden West has been added that includes support for variable refresh rate (VRR) monitors.

The brand new patch is patch 1.17. New is the variable refresh rate support; With VRR, the game’s frames per second are synchronized with the frames per second that the monitor can display, which in theory should reduce the number of dips in framerate and other graphical issues. It should also improve the dynamic resolution at 60hz.

An ‘HFR’ (high refresh rate) mode has also been added for 120 Hz monitors, which aims for a refresh rate of between 60 Hz and 120 Hz. There’s also a ‘Balanced’ mode, which targets 40hz for monitors that support that.

The patch, available for download on both PS4 and PS5, further improves a range of issues, including crashes. Also several bugs in some main and side missions have been fixed, for example the failure to update the objectives of the missions. Finally, fixes for world activities, the in-game machines, weapons, the user interface and localization issues have been made.