During the Tribeca Games Spotlight yesterday, the upcoming A Plague Tale: Requiem was extensively discussed.

The approximately seven-minute presentation features both gameplay fragments and cutscenes. Meanwhile, Asobo Studio team members have their say. For example, it is explained how the rats return in the game and how stealth and survival have been improved compared to the first part. Furthermore, motion capture and the music in the game are also discussed in more detail.

The first game, A Plague Tale: Innocence, is set in France in the year 1349, when the country is ravaged by the Black Death. Amicia must protect her younger brother Hugo while the two are pursued by the Inquisition and try to survive in the unforgiving world.

A Plague Tale: Requiem will be released sometime this year on Xbox Series X and S, PlayStation 5, and PC. The game will also be available on Game Pass immediately upon release. The game will be released via cloud streaming on Nintendo Switch.