The Tomorrow Children: Phoenix Edition, the polished version of the game from 2016, comes out this year for PlayStation 4 and includes some PlayStation 5 improvements.

Developer Q-Games reports this. The studio regained the rights to The Tomorrow Children from Sony Interactive Entertainment in late 2021, and is working on a “revival” of the game with new content and features. “Today is a special day for our team in Kyoto,” said Q-Games founder Dylan Cuthbert in a press release.

“The Tomorrow Children: Phoenix Edition seemed like an apt name for the long-standing project we started to breathe new life into The Tomorrow Children for our fans, who never gave up on the game, even after it went offline. [..] We’ve focused on making improvements for new players, but we’ve also made some changes based on feedback from veterans, and added a series of new islands, items, and ways to play.”

“With community feedback in mind, Q-Games has invested a lot of time to return the game to its original design and deliver a premium experience. This decision ensures that The Tomorrow Children will remain playable forever, and part of the design changes is that the game no longer relies on a central server, and all microtransactions have been removed.”

The Tomorrow Children: Phoenix Edition will be released later this year for PlayStation 4 and will also be playable on PlayStation 5, with some “improvements” not yet revealed.