Developer Bloober Team has posted artwork for a new game online which will most likely be a new installment in the Layers of Fear series.

The artwork was posted on Layers of Fear’s Twitter channel, among others, with the text “reach beneath the surface and reveal the source of your fears”. An email to Gematsu reports that the studio’s new game will be revealed “soon”. This may happen during Summer Game Fest’s Kick Off Live show tomorrow night.

As far as we know, Bloober Team is working on several projects – including a new Layers of Fear, which was hinted at last year. There have also been persistent rumors for some time that the company is working on a Silent Hill game or remake for Konami. However, this has not been confirmed.

Layers of Fear originally appeared on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Players control a mad artist who wants to finish his masterpiece. The house the player is in changes as players explore the house more. The horror game also got a VR version and a sequel. Bloober Team also developed games such as The Medium and Blair Witch.