Guerrilla Games has released an update for Horizon Forbidden West. Version 1.4 also adds an extra tough difficulty.

With version 1.4, which was announced last night during the State of Play and can now be downloaded for free, you will receive several extras. For example, there is a New Game Plus mode that allows players to continue with a new game with their gear and experience from their completed game.

An Ultra Hard difficulty setting has also been added that will challenge players. In addition, new weapons and Trophies are available, players can respect their experience points, it is easier to customize cosmetic items and clothing to make it look different, and several improvements have been made that improve the overall experience. Read more about the update on PlayStation Blog.

Horizon Forbidden West has been available since earlier this year on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. The game received a 9.5 on GamersInfuzed “Beautiful, smoother, better written, phenomenal art design, consistent story, more surprises and better main and side missions..”