Valve has announced that the official dock for the Steam Deck has been delayed again. Delay will not impact production of Steam Decks themselves.

When the so-called Steam Deck Docking Station could appear, remains unclear for the time being. In February of this year, Valve itself indicated that the official release period would fall somewhere “in the spring”, but that season now seems to be no longer feasible.

Valve indicates in a blog post that the postponement is (once again) due to shortages in material, as well as the ongoing impact of the corona pandemic. “We are working to improve the situation and will provide more information as soon as we have it.”

Valve does point out that the delay will have no impact on the production of the handheld itself. The Steam Deck was also delayed at the end of last year for roughly the same reasons and still has long reservation periods, but according to Valve, the dock is in no way slowing down the rollout of the Steam Deck itself. “Different parts, different factories,” said the Valve development team.