Kenji Kimura, the director of Ghostwire: Tokyo, would like to make expansions and sequels to the game.

He reports this in an interview with IGN Japan which is translated by GamesRadar. Although nothing is known about the future of the new franchise, he says he would like to return to this game world. “Once we’re calmer again, I’ll have ideas for DLC and sequels, and I want to make them. Nothing’s set yet, so I can’t share anything else.”

The game scored an 9.0 on GamersInfuzed: “Ghostwire: Tokyo is bursting with originality and also looks great. Still, that can’t prevent that typical rut of open world games creeps in towards the end of the game.”

Ghostwire: Tokyo was released earlier this year for PlayStation 5 and PC. The game will be console-exclusive for PlayStation 5 for a year, so it could come to Xbox consoles after March 25, 2023.