Game Update 3 is now available for Deathloop, adding a photo mode and accessibility options to the game.

Photo mode includes a variety of camera customization options to capture photos in Blackreef at any time.

There are also new accessibility options so that more people can enjoy Deathloop. This provides, among other things, the possibility to lower or increase the difficulty and to make the gameplay faster or slower. The game’s user interface can now also be customized.

Deathloop was released last year for PlayStation 5 and PC. In the game, which is developed by Arkane, players arrive at a lawless island called Blackreef. They are caught in a kind of loop where the day repeats itself, unless one kills the eight targets in the correct order in one day. The goal is to find the targets, keep the order and thereby break the loop.

The game received an 8.5 on GamersInfuzed: “Deathloop is a bizarre fever dream that is actually too fun to wake up from. An absurd, retrofuturistic murder mystery in which you don’t solve the murders, but you have to commit it.