A player of Guerilla's Horizon Forbidden West may have discovered an area in the game that will be unlocked for an expansion in the future.

Reddit visitor lost48 shows an area in the east of the game world in a short video. There is a high mountain with a detailed ruin, where even climbable ledges are present. However, the area cannot be reached in-game as it is outside the official world map.

Fans speculate that the area discovered could mean two things: either it’s earmarked for a future expansion of the game, or it’s an area that was originally supposed to be part of the game, but ultimately didn’t.

No expansion for Horizon Forbidden West has yet been announced. For the first part in the series, Horizon Zero Dawn, a major expansion has appeared in the form of The Frozen Wilds. This added a new area to the world map, prompting fans to speculate that something similar is going to happen to Forbidden West.

Earlier, developer Guerrilla Games indicated that it would like to develop a third game in the Horizon series. “We’re going to end the game with a big cliffhanger. That’s how we get things going again for the next game.”