The first invites to the Overwatch 2 beta will go out tonight at 8:00 PM.

Blizzard made this known in a FAQ published yesterday. People who have registered have a chance to receive an e-mail with access. It is also possible that more people will be invited at a later time, so people who do not receive an email tonight can still receive it later.

You can always register via the official website. Players must have installed the first Overwatch anyway to be in with a chance. However, the first Overwatch can be downloaded as a free trial by those who have received an invite during the beta period – so there is no need to purchase the original specifically for the beta of part 2.

Tomorrow, specific streamers will broadcast gameplay from the beta on Twitch. People who watch a stream for at least four hours can also access the beta via Twitch Drops. The list of streamers can be found here.

The beta will be on PC only and must include 5v5 gameplay. Players can try out the new Push mode as well as four new maps: Circuit Royal (escort), Midtown (hybrid), New Queen Screen (push), and Colosseo (push). The new hero Sojourn is also playable, as well as four new versions of well-known heroes: Orisa, Doomfist, Bastion and Sombra. The beta period will run until May 17.