The upcoming third season of Call of Duty: Warzone features the monsters King Kong and Godzilla. Season 3 starts April 27

There have been rumors for some time that the monsters would come to the shooter, but it has now been confirmed with a teaser trailer. It's the Operation Monarch event, which starts on May 11. There are not many details about this yet.The third season for Warzone - and Call of Duty: Vangaurd - will air on April 27. Players can expect to see a new Gulag and Dig Site in WArzone, as well as new weapons and Classified Arms in the battle pass, including the M1916 Marksman Rifle and the Nikita AVT: Assault Rifle. The Sledgehammer and H4 Blixen SMG will be added in the middle of the season. The new Operators are Florence Carter, Mateo Hernandez and Kim Tae Young.

In Vangaurd, from the start of the new season, one can expect the map Launch, which is based on a film set from the 50s. During the season, the map Sphere should be released. More details can be read on the official website.