The Outlaws update will be added to No Man's Sky today. This is now the nineteenth update of the game.

Hello Games’ Sean Murray reports this via the PlayStation Blog. The Outlaws update will be released simultaneously for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PlayStation VR. At the heart of the update are “smuggling”, improved space combat, a “squadron” that the player can recruit himself, a new expedition and the first new starship in two years.

In Outlaws, pirates have taken over several settlements in the No Man’s Sky universe, from where they smuggle wax and attack nearby planets and settlements. Players can take on them in the enhanced space battles, or choose to help them. To make smuggling a little easier, all spaceships now have a “high-capacity cargo inventory”.

Players are no longer alone as they can create their own group of pilots to aid in the battles in space. The new ship is one of the Solar class, and is mainly found in the pirate-populated parts of the universe. The number of ships players can house has also been increased from six to nine.

The space battles have been improved and can now also take place within a planet’s atmosphere. The ships must be better controlled, weapons have new visual effects, enemy ships get shields and the weapon selection has been deepened. For example, some weapons get new side effects, such as slowing down enemy ships or deactivating the shields.