Achievement / Trophy guide

– Estimated achievement difficulty:  3/10
– Online:
– Approximate amount of time to Platinum: 35-45Hours
– Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
– Missable achievements  : None
– Does difficulty affect achievements: No ,  can play on any difficulty
– Unobtainable/glitched achievements : None
– Extra equipment needed: No

Ghostwire Tokyoite

Acquire all trophies.

Earn all other trophies in Ghostwire Tokyo to unlock Platinum, any future DLC is not required

Helping Hand

Transfer 25% of the spirits in the city.

See Salvation of All   trophy.


Transfer 50% of the spirits in the city.

See Salvation of All   trophy.

Salvation of All

Transfer 100% of the spirits in the city.

There are a few things you can do to help with the mammoth task of hoovering up every last of the 240,300 spirits in Tokyo. One is to use Spectral Vision constantly, and expand its range with the ‘Range Boost’ skill from the Abilities tab in the Skills menu. This will enable you to see any spirits you’ve missed through walls. You’ll also need the ‘Amenotori X’ ability, so you can summon a tengu wherever you like, and grapple up to the rooftops to bag any spirits lurking in high spots.

The Spirit Perception Prayer Beads (found in the Prayer Beads tab of the Inventory menu) will also enable you to track spirits within your vicinity. Don’t forget to bag spirits from corrupted areas, Containment Cubes, and in the Shibuya Underground Station, too. You can track your spirits total via the map, zooming out all the way to see the full progress percentage. At the end of the game, you’ll also unlock the Transmission Beads, so you can instantly transmit spirits without the need for a phone booth.

Having the full 50 katashiro paper dolls to fill with spirits will also prove immensely helpful. Hyaki Yakko events also crop up on rare occasions, meaning you’ll have to venture into the fog to defeat a ‘parade’ of Visitors, and acquire spirits for your troubles.

Hero of Shibuya

Complete the main story after transferring 100% of the spirits in the city.

Follow the instructions mentioned in the guide for the Salvation of All trophy_silver.png  trophy, then complete the game. If you’ve already polished off the main story, don’t despair. Continuing from a completed save will take you back to Chapter 4, prior to the endgame, so you can mop up anything you have left over, then complete the game again. It’ll be even easier second time around, too, with all of your abilities maxed out.


Complete all side missions.

There are 42 side missions in total, which you’ll find dotted all over Tokyo. As you cleanse torii gates (see the Liberator trophy_bronze.png  trophy for more), you’ll see further missions pop up all over the map. Complete each of these, and you’ll gradually make your way towards beating all 42.

While the point of no return warns that the three-mission ‘After the End’ thread is missable, you can in fact go back and complete it after you’ve beaten the story and have made a completed save. It’s likely that your final side mission will be the ‘Boss Tanuki’ quest, unlocked upon finding all 25 hidden tanuki. You can keep track of your progress via the ‘Missions’ tab in the touchpad menu.


Cleanse all torii gates.

Ghostwire has 29 torii gates, which act as shrine areas and fast travel points. You can also hover over them on the map screen to see your progress in each region of Tokyo. Cleansing a torii gate will remove the deadly fog from each area, enabling you to explore more of the map. To cleanse a torii gate, you’ll need to defeat all of the Visitors in the area, then hold L2 at the gate’s entrance until the corruption is removed. Larger shrines will require you cleanse multiple gates in a single area.


Acquire all relics.

It’ll take quite a bit of work to acquire all 123 relics in the game, but you can keep tabs on them by seeing what you have and haven’t collected at the relic-hunting nekomata stores (marked as yellow or green cat head icons on the map). Simply keep an ear out for the ‘mew’ sound coming from the DualSense controller speaker for a helpful prompt to notify you of a relic in your vicinity. You may have to revisit interior areas for any you might have missed, these are on the map as exit sign icons.

Mind and Body

Unlock all spirit skills.

If you’re collecting spirits and dutifully transmitting them via payphones, then you’ll rack up plenty of XP towards unlocking Spirit Skill Points. You’ll need about 60-65% of the spirits scattered across Tokyo to reach the maximum Synergy Level of 50, granting SP with each level. But, to acquire the remaining Skill Points, you’ll have to locate KK’s Investigation Notes  collectible.

Using the Sleuth Beads, you can use Spectral Vision to track these down, although there is one that you could miss near the beginning of the endgame area. Be sure to have the Sleuth Beads equipped to make sure you grab it. You’ll also need all 40 magatama to gain access to certain skills

On the Same Wavelength

Raise your synergy level to max.

Increasing your Synergy Level requires collecting spirits and depositing them at a payphone. Complete missions, collect spirits using your katashiro, and transmit them through a phone booth, and you’ll gradually level up. Once you’ve absorbed about 60-65% of the spirits in Tokyo, you’ll have likely reached the maximum Synergy Level of 50.

Shibuya Is My Back Yard

Find all landmarks.

While exploring Tokyo, you’ll automatically stumble upon a bunch of these, and you’ll know when you have, because an on-screen notification will pop up. There are 31 landmarks to discover, and not all of them are on your path during the main story. Some are off-piste or at the fringes of the city. Get exploring, and you’ll eventually acquire all 31, especially if you’re hunting for spirits and collectibles.

The Whole Truth

Acquire all voice logs.

Collecting all 17 voice logs isn’t a particularly difficult or time-consuming task. Most you’ll find right in front of you at payphones, while others can be found around shrine areas. If you see a discarded voice recorder or open laptop, grab it. You can keep track of your progress via the voice logs tab in the Database menu.

With Their Powers Combined

Acquire all magatama.

Some magatama are awarded for completing missions, while others can be purchased from relic-hunting nekomata stores for 130,000 meika each. You can also obtain magatama via Yokai Hunts, getting one for each oni, kappa, kodama, nurikabe, zashiki-warashi, karakasa-kozo, ittan-momen, kamaitachi, and rokurobi you deal with. There are 40 magatama to collect and used to unlock skills.


Pray to all Jizo statues.

Jizo statues are tracked by hovering over the Torii gates you’ve cleansed, and their locations can be pinpointed by making 500 meika offerings at prayer boxes. There are 52 Jizo statues to pray to, with green ones increasing your gust SP ammo limit by +1, blue ones adding +1 SP to your water ability, and red ones grant +1 SP to your flame ammo. Most are found down alleyways and side streets.

Your Tail’s Showing

Find all of the missing tanuki.

This activity begins upon completing the ‘Tanuki Hunt’ side mission at Shiroyama Shrine. You’ll then need to track down all 25 hidden tanuki, disguised as seemingly inconspicuous everyday scenery. There is one giveaway, however, and that’s a little tanuki tail sticking out. Keep your eyes peeled and you’ll find some of these randomly whole exploring. If you’re having trouble you can make a 500 meika offering to a prayer box at some shrines, and ask to find more tanuki. This will mark one of their nearby locations on your map.


Acquire all types of food and drink.

A lot of food items can be found in discarded shopping bags, or, in the case of nether variations of food, floating about the place. Others can be bought at nekomata vendors, some with specialist stalls that sell only a single type of food. There are 50 types of food and drink to collect, and the vast majority you’ll find hanging around. Be sure to stop at any and all nekomata shops and stalls to purchase food and drink items, then keep track of what you’ve found so far in the ‘Consumables’ tab of the Database.

DJ Akito

Acquire all music tracks.

Relic-hunting nekomata which are found on the map as yellow or green cat head icons will sell you music tracks for a few thousand meika. You’ll be awarded other music tracks upon completing main missions, and you can keep tabs on how many of the 31 tunes you’ve acquired, via the Database menu on the touchpad.


Acquire all items for the Outfit menu (excluding bonus content).

At the specialist relic-hunting nekomata vendors you have to fulfil orders for (marked on the map as yellow or green cat head icons), you’ll find various clothing items for sale. There are 49 outfit items to collect in total, some of which you’ll need to buy, and some you’ll earn by completing side missions or fulfilling requests.


Acquire all talismans.

At the nekomata shops denoted by shopping trolley icons on the map, you’ll find Stun, Exposure, Decoy, and Thicket Talismans for sale for a few thousand meika each. Simply purchase one of each once they all become available after a certain juncture in Chapter 3, and you’ll acquire the trophy.

Power Overwhelming

Acquire all sets of prayer beads.

You’ll acquire most prayer beads from the torii gate shrines after you’ve cleansed them – they’ll be sat their on the altars, waiting for you to snatch them. The main exceptions are the Transmission Beads, which are unlocked by finishing the story, and both the Tireless Beads and Shadow Beads, awarded for transmitting 100% of spirits and completing the game. The former grants infinite SP, talismans, and arrows, while the latter enable you to turn invisible. There are 33 prayer beads in total.

Visiting Hours Are Over

Defeat every type of Visitor.

This will come during the main story, as you’ll encounter each kind of enemy as you progress. The different Visitors you’ll need to defeat are:

  • Rain Walker
  • Rugged Walker
  • Rain Slasher
  • Shadow Hunter
  • Relentless Walker
  • Rage Walker
  • Student of Misery
  • Student of Pain
  • Shine Dancer
  • Lamentation
  • Paper Doll
  • Passenger
  • Marionette
  • Forlorn
  • Forsaken
  • Wanderer
  • Kuchisake
  • Crimson Kuchisake
  • Shiromuku
  • Sojutski
  • Byotara
  • Tsuchigumo
  • Hanngon

You can keep track of the Visitors you’ve defeated via the ‘Characters’ tab in the Database section of the touchpad menu. If the entry hasn’t been added yet, you haven’t defeated them.

One Fell Swoop

Defeat at least 5 Visitors simultaneously by pulling out their cores.

This trophy is a little tricky. The best strategy to pull this off would be by activating Akito’s ‘Wired In’ ability by simultaneously pressing L3 and R3. You can then quickly expose enemy cores, and then pull them all out at once, in one fell swoop. Alternatively, you can coax five enemies into one place, throw down an Exposure Talisman, opening their chests so you can ensnare their cores and yank them out for the trophy.

Another approach is to find an area on the rooftops where the game’s floating ghost enemies, called Wanderers gather, these are easy to wear down and expose, and if you acquire the skill which leaves cores exposed for longer, you can have five in a state ready to take down in one go quite easily. Try each of these strategies to see which works best for you. Before long, you’re bound to succeed.

Couldn’t Take the Heat

Defeat at least 3 Visitors simultaneously by detonating a red ether crystal.

Certain objects imbued with ether can be smashed to replenish your ammunition. Red ones are relatively rare, but if you smash or shoot them from distance, they’ll explode, granting ammo for your flame ability. There are several opportunities to bag this trophy, fighting a horde of enemies in the vicinity of a red ether crystal object. Just be sure to keep your eyes peeled, and when three or more enemies get close to a red ether crystal, your best bet is to stay back and shoot it from distance. Just be certain you hit it, lining up your shot carefully, while ensuring enemies are close enough to be taken out by the blast. If you can find enemies gathered around a corrupted tree, near to a red ether crystal, all the better.

Silent Kill

Defeat a total of 200 Visitors using Quick Purge.

If you’re naturally a bit of a stealthy player, this will probably come naturally during the main story and side missions. If you’re not really one for sneaking around, then you’ll need to make an extra effort to get the drop on enemies, so that you can get behind them to initiate a Quick Purge with L2 . This is actually the most efficient way to dispatch Visitors or thin their ranks, so we’d recommend stealth wherever possible. Keep performing Quick Purge kills where you can, and this will pop eventually.

Take a Bow

Defeat a total of 50 Visitors using the bow.

At a certain juncture during the story, you’ll discover KK’s old ghost hunting bow. There will be times when you have to rely entirely on the bow, so any Visitors you kill with it during these segments will automatically count towards this. Otherwise, you’re going to have to go out of your way and equip the bow by pressing down on the d-pad , then bag some additional kills towards your tally. Upgrading it with faster draw speed and a quiver able to hold up to 20 arrows rather than ten will be helpful, so be sure to do that.

Go For the Eyes

Defeat a total of 20 Visitors with headshots.

This isn’t quite as straightforward as it sounds, since a lot of Visitors have umbrellas obscuring their faces.  Your best bet is to let enemies get close and attack you, exposing their heads to you can thump projectiles directly into their horrible faces. Dispatch 20 Visitors by blasting their heads, and you’ll get a bronze trophy for your efforts.

Freeze, Scumbag

Defeat a total of 10 Visitors with Quick Purge while they are held by a Stun Talisman.

While you’re visiting a nekomata vendor, stock up on Stun Talismans, then throw one down by equipping it from the radial weapon menu which is accessed by holding R1 , making sure the area-of-effect circle captures as many Visitors as possible at once. Then, you’ll need to be pretty fast, running up behind enemies and performing Quick Purge kills by holding down L2 when the prompt appears. It’s worth noting that having the speedier Quick Purge skill, acquired via Akito’s skill tree, will help you here, as will wearing the Talisman Beads which are found at the Momokane Building Rooftop Torii Gate in the east, which doubles the duration of Talisman effects. Quick Purge ten enemies while they’re stunned by the Stun Talisman, and hey presto.

A Shrubbery!

Defeat a total of 3 Visitors with Quick Purge while hiding in bushes created by a Thicket Talisman.

Head over to a nekomata store, and the floating feline will sell you a Thicket Talisman, enabling you to summon a handy bit of shrubbery to hide in. Be sure to stay crouched by pressing the circle button, then slowly sneak upon an enemy, holding down L2 to carry out a stealthy Quick Purge kill by creeping up from behind, and waiting for the notification to pop up.

Left Yourself Open

Defeat a total of 10 Visitors by ripping out their cores after exposing them with an Exposure Talisman.

The nekomata vendors will sell you all manner of consumable items, including various Talismans, strips of paper that can be thrown to perform different abilities. One of these is the Exposure Talisman, which, as the description notes, exposes the cores of enemies. Be sure to aim carefully before throwing down a Talisman, to make efficient use of its area of effect. Once a foe’s core has been exposed, hold L2   down to tug the core out from their chest. Do this to 10 enemies and you can chalk this trophy off your list.

In Sync

Wire In a total of 10 times.

There’s a point during the story where you’ll learn how to ‘Wire In’. This is basically an ultimate ability that slows time and enables you to whittle down enemy health with far fewer shots. Activated by filling a circular orange gauge next to your health, to Wire In, you’ll need to click in the L3 and R3 buttons simultaneously. This ability is also very useful for unlocking the ‘Go For the Eyes’ and ‘One Fell Swoop’ trophies. Wire In ten times by filling the gauge and then activating the ability.

Big Spender

Spend a total of 1,000,000 meika.

If you’re going for the 100%, you’ll have to purchase pricey magatama and KK Files from Ghostwire’s feline nekomata vendors, which will account for a significant chunk of this. If you’re buying consumables, as well as other odds and sods, this will come over time during the story. You’ll find meika from certain large enemies, by feeding dogs who will dig up cash for you, in yellow ether crystal pots and lucky cats, as well as in bins, by transferring spirits, and completing missions. Wearing prosperity Beads will also double the amount of meika gained from yellow ether crystals, and other means.


Put a total of 10,000 meika into offering boxes.

At some of the game’s larger shrines, situated at certain torii gates,  you’ll find wooden prayer boxes where you can throw in either 100 or 500 meika in exchange for a wish. These include revealing the location of certain collectibles, or granting health and SP. Chuck in 500 meika each time you visit an offering box, and you’ll eventually unlock this.

Secret Trophies / Achievements

Keep in mind that these may contain spoilers of the games’ story.


Complete Chapter 1.

Automatic story-related trophy, cannot be missed.

Complete all Main Missions in Chapter 1: Beginnings.

Chapter 1 Missions:

  • The Vanishing
  • City of Shadows


Complete Chapter 2.

Automatic story-related trophy, cannot be missed.

Complete all Main Missions in Chapter 2: Trouble.

Chapter 2 Missions:

  • KK
  • Clearing the Fog
  • A Maze of Death
  • The Buried Life
  • The Caves of Steel


Complete Chapter 3.

Story related. Cannot be missed.

Complete all missions during Chapter 3: Connection to earn this trophy. These are:

  • Pillar of Light
  • Blindness
  • Agony


Complete Chapter 4.

Story related. Cannot be missed.

Complete all missions during Chapter 4: Contortion to earn this trophy. These are:

  • Giants
  • The Black Tower (final mission prompting the point of no return)


Complete Chapter 5.

Story related. Cannot be missed.

Complete all missions during Chapter 5: Severance to earn this trophy. These are:

  • Family
  • Tokyo Tower


Complete Chapter 6.

Story related. Cannot be missed.

Complete all missions during Chapter 5: Severance to earn this trophy. These are:

  • Mari
  • Gate to the Underworld
  • Farewells


Complete the main story.

Story related. Cannot be missed.

Complete Chapter 6, and you’ll bag this trophy for finishing the main story. Well done! You’ll be able to create a cleared save file, which enables you to continue from before the point of no return during Chapter 4, so you can mop up any collectibles, side missions, or any other loose threads.

Don’t Worry About It

Pull a “Daikyo” omikuji.

Several torii gate shrines have counter surfaces where you can pay 200 meika to draw a note from a little wooden box to receive a fortune. While you’ll be hoping for a good one to grant you a temporary buff, this trophy actually requires you to pull a rubbish fortune.

Each time you see an omikuji box which are marked on the map by the Hirokawa Shrine, Onten Shrine, and Shiroyama Shrine torii gates), draw a fortune until you’re presented with something crap.


Defeat a Visitor with a headshot from a distance of at least 40m.

There are a couple of options here. You can either take to the rooftops and try sniping from above but it might not be the best idea as most enemies have umbrellas over their heads, or you can line up a Visitor from the end of the street, and either use the bow, or attempt to take them out with one of your Ethereal Weaving powers.

Your gust power is the most accurate, but the flame power is much stronger. Don’t bother using the aqua power, as it launches a wide crescent projectile, so is not particularly accurate. You can go to the map via the DualSense touchpad and place a custom waypoint to help measure the correct distance.

Walking on Air

Grapple and glide to remain in the air for at least 10 seconds.

First of all, this will require you unlock the ‘Amenotori X’ ability from the abilities skill tree, enabling you to summon a tengu grappling point at will, by holding down L2 and pressing X when the prompt appears. Life will also be infinitely easier if you also pick up the ‘Amenokagami III’ ability, so you can extend your glide duration to five seconds. It’s then a case of getting up to a high vantage point, and then gliding your way across the city skyline, combining glides seamlessly with grapples. Easier said than done, of course, but entirely possible. Just be sure to be have plenty of room to fall, and then grapple – if you can find several tengu close together, more’s the better.

Animal Lover

Pet an animal.

Throughout the city of Shibuya there are many cats and dogs. By pressing L2  when in front of an animal, you will pet it.

Amateur Photographer

Use Photo Mode for the first time.

Simply enter Photo Mode in the pause menu and this Trophy will pop immediately.

You Wouldn’t Steal a Spirit

Successfully protect at least 3 Containment Cubes in a single battle.

Containment Cubes are random events that occur in the open world, where several cubes will appear on the map (indicated by a green search area similar to Side Missions), and Visitors will try to destroy them. You must defend these Containment Cubes from the Visitors. These random events can spawn with 1, 2 or 3 Containment Cubes for you to defend. Each cube will begin with 100% health, so simply defend 3 of them against Visitors.

Better Together

Fuse back with KK after being hit by a severance attack.

Several Visitors have the ability to sever KK from Akito’s body. When this happens, you can press  to return KK to Akito’s body and get this trophy. This should happen automatically at a point during the story, but otherwise you can do this against the Crimson Kuchisake Visitors, who are the tall red ladies with large scissors.