This Friday at 7:00 PM Dutch time, EA Motive will hold a new developer livestream around the upcoming Dead Space.

“Motive invites you to a new installment in their series where they give an early look at development and what exactly the game’s remake is all about.” The livestream will be broadcast on Friday at 19:00 Dutch time via the YouTube video below.

The Dead Space remake should still tell the same story about Isaac Clarke who sits on a mining ship called the USG Ishimura and fights bizarre Necromorphs there while trying to find his girlfriend Nicole. However, more details should be given around the story compared to the original.

Gunner Wright, the actor who played Isaac in the previous Dead Space games, once again takes on the role of the character. In the original, Isaac was virtually silent, but that’s not the case in this new version of the game – although he won’t be constantly talking to himself on his own.

Earlier, EA Motive indicated that the entire game should feel seamless, without changing camera angles or loading screens during the game itself. Also, stripping Necromorphs of their limbs should again become an important part of the attack tactics, although the possibility to “peel off” the skins of these creatures has now been added.

Dead Space is set to release on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and S, and PC at an as-yet-unknown date.