Sony has revealed the design of the PlayStation VR2 and the 'latest version' of accompanying controllers in several photos.

In line with the PlayStation 5 and the PlayStation VR2 Sense controller, the VR glasses themselves are designed with white and black colors. Sony emphasizes the ‘round’ appearance of the glasses, which should match the controllers well.

The most notable new feature of the goggles is a ventilation system that keeps players’ heads cool. Thanks to an ‘airflow’, which Sony compares to that in the PlayStation 5, lenses of the glasses could not fog up during gameplay.

The glasses are also generally lighter, they should be suitable for different head sizes thanks to an adjustable headband and players can adjust the lenses themselves. This makes it possible to adjust the glasses to the exact distance between the pupils of the user, which improves the experience. The PS VR2 also includes a 3.5mm jack for headphones and vibration motors.

Sony previously revealed the specifications of the PS VR2. For example, the OLED screen of the glasses is 4000 by 2040 pixels (2000 by 2040 per eye) and the field of view is 110 degrees.

Furthermore, PlayStation VR2 has inside-out tracking, so that a separate camera is not necessary. Thanks to four cameras in the device itself, there is no need for colored LEDs on the device so that you can keep track of where the player is. These cameras also track the controllers. Finally, the helmet with cameras tracks players’ eyes, allowing players to use their eyes to control the camera.

A price and release date for the PlayStation VR 2 have not yet been announced.