The upcoming Quantic Dream game Star Wars Eclipse is said to be partly inspired by The Last of Us.

That reports Twitter user AccountNGT, who already leaked a screenshot of the trailer a week before the game was officially announced. The relationship between story and gameplay would mainly correspond to the well-known Naughty Dog game.

According to the Twitter user, Eclipse should be an open world adventure game and the game also contains a multiplayer mode, which is being developed by the Montream team at Quantic Dream. Development would have started in early 2021, so it would still be at an early stage.

The above information has not been officially confirmed by Quantic Dream, but since the Twitterer in question also showed a screenshot of the reveal trailer beforehand, the information seems reliable.

Star Wars Eclipse is set during the High Republic era. In the game, players take on the roles of various characters, with choices affecting the state in the Outer Rim of the universe. An official release date and systems are yet to be announced.