Sony released new details about the PlayStation VR2 at CES 2022.

The new virtual reality headset will be officially called PlayStation VR2.
As expected, the headset shows a higher resolution than the first helmet: 4000 by 2040 pixels (or 2000 by 2040 per eye).
The HDR screen is an OLED, just like on the PSVR, but the field of view is 10 degrees more than the predecessor at 110 degrees.

Furthermore, PlayStation VR2 has inside-out tracking, so that a separate camera is not necessary.
Thanks to four cameras in the device itself, there is no need for colored LEDs on the device to keep track of where the player is.
These cameras also track the controllers. Also, in the helmet with cameras, players’ eyes are tracked, allowing players to use their eyes to control the camera.

Finally, both the helmet and the previously revealed controllers have vibrating motors that impart vibrations. The controllers are officially called the PlayStation VR2 Sense and, as previously announced, have adaptive triggers, finger detection and haptic feedback.
The PlayStation VR2 itself has not yet been shown.
It’s also not known when the helmet will be released, although it’s rumored to be going into mass production soon.

The full specs of PlayStation VR2 can be found on PlayStation Blog.
A game for PlayStation VR2 was also announced: Horizon Call of the Mountain.