The Contract, the new story in GTA Online, came out today. The story can be played alone or with a group. Franklin and Dr. Dre are in the spotlight.

Franklin sets to work with his new partnership to help Dr. Dre to solve a theft.
Exclusive songs from the six-time Grammy Award-winning artist can be heard within GTA Online.
Additionally, players will get a behind-the-scenes look at Dr. dre.

The Contract features three new weapons, each a valuable tool that Franklin has built up over the course of his career.
The Heavy Rifle is available from Ammu-Nation or can be purchased and modified in your Agency’s Armory at a discount. The Stun Gun and the Compact EMP Launcher are tools available exclusively from your Agency’s Armory.

There will also be seven new vehicles, including the Pegassi Ignus supercar, the Lampadati Cinquemila sedan, and the Pfister Astron SUV.
These are all available from Legendary Motorsport.
New Imani Tech modifications are available from the Agency’s Vehicle Workshop for the Dewbauchee Champion supercar, the Bravado Buffalo STX muscle car, the Enus Deity sedan, and the Enus Jubilee SUV.

MOTOMAMI Los Santos is the new radio station with tracks from across the music spectrum, including exclusive new tracks from artists such as Juicy J and Mike Dean, Pusha T, Dom Kennedy and Mozzy.

There are also some improvements to the GTA Online experience.
Players will receive fewer calls and texts with invitations, the map in the pause menu can be used to view and select gameplay. Tthere is also an option to mark a contact on the map to see more details and start the corresponding mission.