A Halloween update for the horror game Phasmophobia has been released.

The Nightmare update includes a new area called the Maple Lodge Campsite, which is a medium-sized map with picnic areas, tents, a wooden cabin, and a haunted lake. The developer warns that it is the most detailed map to date, which could cause older computers to experience lower frame rates.

In addition, four new ghost types will be added. Around Halloween, players are more likely to encounter one of these new ghosts. Their names are Onryo, The Twins, Raiju and Obake. In addition, various weather conditions are now supported, as well as a new Nightmare difficulty setting.

Phasmophobia appeared on Steam Early Access last year and has grown rapidly in popularity. In the game, players have to track down ghosts with three others using various tools. The game uses speech recognition, where ghosts respond to some words. The game also supports virtual reality.